Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jackiefo is moving on up!

Hello friends and readers and all you wonderful people! You may have noticed that I've been teasing a big surprise here on Jackie Fo, and today's the day for the big reveal! 

Ta-da! I've got a new website, blog, logo, brand and all that jazz! After 5 years on blogger, I'm moving up to the big leagues! My new website is www.jackiefogartie.com and the blog is www.jackiefogartie.com/blog. 

My new site has tons of goodies including pictures, archived blogs and more. I'll be posting much more frequently about all my weddings, events, photo shoots, recipes and more! You can even subscribe to the new blog via email just like you do this blog. I do hope you'll make the jump and come over to the big leagues with me - I promise it will be worth your time! 

Thanks for all your support on my little corner of the internet. XO.