Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Eve DIY: How to sugar your champagne flute rims

So as I alluded to in my post earlier this week, people went crazy for this pic of sugar rimmed champ flutes:

I mean, they were knocking down my door and calling me non-stop to figure out how I make those glasses sparkle! Okay, I'm totes exaggerating but I really did get a LOT of inquiries via all forms of Social Media. A tutorial was definitely in order. I wish it was complicated and hard and you could be impressed with my amazing skills, but the truth is it couldn't be simpler. Let's just keep that our little secret, okay? Without further ado and just in the nick of time before we sing Auld Lang Syne, we're off:

Here's all you need:

Sugar sprinkles
Bubbles - Champ or if you prefer (like I do) Prosecco

Hold on to your hats for this seriously hard and in-depth tutorial:

Spread out your golden sugar in a heap on a flat plate. I'm talking a heap, don't be shy.

Dip the rim of your flute in a bowl of water or get crazy and run it under the faucet for a quick sec.

Immediately put the wet rim in the heap of sugar. 

I like to swirl mine around to make sure the rim is evenly covered.

And there you have it - it's a miracle! Sugared rim that stays on! I have to say that this is really sturdy, it stays on like glue even after you drink out of the glass. If you get a little sparkle on your lips who cares, it will only make your NYE kiss even better, right? 

Side note - how adorbs is this LaMarca Prosecco mini bottle (although lets be serious, we'd need a whole bottle thank you very much)? This is my favorite type of Prosecco in case you're wondering.

Cheers and Best Wishes to a 2015 filled with sugared rims and more! Oh, and I'll get to that pesky old announcement in a week or so...here's a hint...it's not a baby. Sorry mom! 


  1. Love your tutorial! Glad to know that water works so well around the rim, and I hope you had a fantastic NYE!

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