Friday, October 31, 2014

Circus Birthday Party

Hi and Happppppy Halloween! Hope you are doing something fun to celebrate. I'm celebrating that my latest party post for MomTrends It's a Party series turned out so darn cute! I was tasked with creating a Circus Themed first birthday party. Overall the theme was fairly simple to pull off - red and white stripes, balloons, circus animals and cotton candy pretty much sealed the deal! Add in cute kids and all the fun brands MomTrends puts together, and you've got yourself a regular party! To see more photos and scope out the brands that were featured, check out the full post HERE!

Thanks to Jim Lockman and Click for the beautiful photos !

(Take note of my niece Claire chowing down on some cake. Her focus is amazing.) 

As I mentioned, it happens to be Halloween today, in case you didn't know! Unlike most of her preschool friends who are going trick or treating as Elsa from Frozen, my little niece Brooke branched out and is dressing up like a beautiful peacock. My sister in law got this costume from Etsy, and I have to say it's gorgeous! Just as gorgeous as Brookie! 

Do you have a little Elsa in your house? Whatever you or your kids are dressing up as, have a great time, eat lots of candy and be safe! 


  1. Such a fun party! I love all the colors. Brooke is adorable as a peacock, too. It's nice to see the girls who didn't dress up as Elsa or Anna.

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