Friday, August 15, 2014

Wedding Getaway Ideas

Well helloooo Friday, it's great to see you! To celebrate Friday and all of the wonderful-ness it will bring, I'm bringing you some really creative wedding "getaway" ideas. Back in the day people used to throw rice, and apparently that's bad for birds? Who knew. You'd think the birds would appreciate the free food. #entitled

 Anywho, now people have gotten crazy creative with how they leave their wedding reception. Let's take a look, shall we?

I thought I'd start by taking a trip down reality lane by starting with this nautical getaway. If you have access to a gorgeous sailboat (and seriously, who doesn't), why not do your getaway ON A BOAT? 

If you don't have a sailboat on hand, you can't go wrong with a fancy car and glittery sign! 

I'm also into these old fashioned (yet color coordinated) cans hanging off the back of the getaway car! 

These colorful balloons and pink beetle just make me happy! 

If you're having a city wedding, why not leave in a cab? Nothing says city-livin' like a yellow taxicab, am I right?

If you're looking for something a little sweeter, try leaving on an ice cream and all! 

I adore these streamers and vintage suitcases. Such a throwback! 

Here are a few adorable getaways from some of the weddings I've planned:

At Amanda and Collin's preppy pink and navy wedding, their guests used ribbon wands to wave the happy couple on to their married life! 

For Sarah and Kyle's Pink-tastic wedding, confetti was thrown!

And of course, here's the golf cart getaway from my own wedding. 

I leave you with with this image. This is what fabulous looks like my friends. 

I hope you "getaway" to a wonderful weekend. Heehee. 


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