Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Altar Alternatives

Happy Hump Day! Today on the ole blog I'm talking Wedding altars. Sound boring? Just you wait...

In working with an October bride to plan her ceremony decor, we decided on vintage doors. See inspiration photo below: 

If your ceremony site is non-traditional (i.e. not a church) you may be looking for ways to make your ceremony pop! I found so many wonderful, creative ideas, this post could seriously have been 100 pictures long. But here are my faves for now! 

This is fairly traditional and simple to pull off. A few pieces of fabric plus beautiful flowers is perfectly simple. 

I'm loving these lanterns and pops of colors with the pillows. 

If you can get your hands on a vintage fireplace (rental prop companies may have something similar), this mantel with frames is awesome.

I love these suspended window panes - so dramatic!

So these flowers and wine crate vignettes are amazing. Plus the petals on the aisle? Love. Might be my favorite set up!

These branches with hydrangeas are kind of a funky, modern look. 

My friends Stephanie and Weston had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony. I loved their branches and beautiful flowers attached to the canopy. 

I'm obsessed with ribbon and use it for everything. You'd need a lot to create a ribbon drape but the end result is SO worth it. 

This is a little different, but I think it's so unique. Who doesn't want to scream "LOVE" or "Best Day 
Ever" at a fun wedding ceremony?

This beautiful door makes a great backdrop. 

If you're fortunate to have a beautiful tree as your backdrop, add some color coordinated poms for a simple decorative touch.

This yellow dresser is very Anthropologie.

For a nighttime ceremony, you can't go wrong with suspended candles and lighting. Simply gorgeous!

Are you overwhelmed with choices and just can't decide? Skip a traditional altar and do a circular ceremony! So cool!

In other news I found this on Pinterest and am considering getting it tattooed on me. JK.  But seriously, who wrote this and did they read my mind?

Hope your Hump Day is fantastic! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Classy Mexican Fiesta

Hola and Happy Friday! If you're into Mexican Fiestas, this one will blow you away! I had the wonderful opportunity to plan a "Classy Mexican Fiesta" for a clients birthday party at none other than the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Uptown Charlotte. I think I can safely say that the Ritz had never seen so many pinatas! Or margaritas...

Without further ado, let's plow through some pics! Note - most photos taken by the lovely Tonya with Poprock Photography although some are taken with my lovely iPhone. 

First things first, the biggest hit at the party were the mini-pinatas. Handmade by a fabulous Etsy shop (side note - she has the most hilarious job title - "Pinata Maker"), we filled these with flowers for decor and candy for take home favors. Do not underestimate the cuteness of these pinatas, or that grown men and women were making the pinatas race, kiss and have an overall good time all night long. 

I love this photo of the two pinatas kissing under the skyline. If you need handmade pinatas (and who doesn't) check out her Etsy shop Viva La Fiesta for pinatas and more.

The color scheme was pink and orange complimented by other fun, bright colors. Also adding some pops of color were gorgeous flowers by Bloom-Room including sunflowers as big as your head. They did an amazing job. Check out this huge arrangement on the baby grand piano:

We also decorated with paper confetti and oversized confetti filled balloons from The Flair Exchange. 

There was a photobooth with awesome cardboard cutouts...giant margaritas anyone? 

There were props galore.

I even got in on the action with some faux glasses. Heeeeey.

In addition to the simply adorable mini pinatas, there were amazing goody bags for each guest. 

Gorgeous coral dot linen from Party Reflections. 

Which included mini bottles of Patron Tequila.

For something sweet we had Margarita popsicles from King of Pops , Margarita cupcakes that were amazing from Jen Panaro and a gorgeous cake made by the Ritz. 

The cake from the Ritz was not only gorgeous, it had several amazing layers including one with fresh strawberries. 

A Mexican feast including delicious guacamole, a fajita bar  and taco salad was catered by the always wonderful Plate Perfect right our of the Pacos Tacos kitchen. 

Let me just tell you, this party was SO much fun to plan and my client was lovely and fun to work with. If all events were like this, everyone would be an event planner !

Now I'll switch gears from fun fiestas to...running... I have my first 10K race tomorrow (6.2 miles). I've been training with a running group and it's been really fun although challenging. I'm taking track sprints at 5:30 AM, running in crazy humidity and also in torrential downpours (see post torrential downpour picture below - my entire shirt, shoes, hat, shorts are sopping wet here).

Unfortunately I hurt my calf about 2 weeks ago so have had to decrease up on my runs the past few weeks, but hopefully can still run a good race tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! After the race I plan to hobble over to Tupelo Honey for a giant biscuit and a bloody mary. Breakfast of champions. 

Have a GREAT weekend! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wedding Getaway Ideas

Well helloooo Friday, it's great to see you! To celebrate Friday and all of the wonderful-ness it will bring, I'm bringing you some really creative wedding "getaway" ideas. Back in the day people used to throw rice, and apparently that's bad for birds? Who knew. You'd think the birds would appreciate the free food. #entitled

 Anywho, now people have gotten crazy creative with how they leave their wedding reception. Let's take a look, shall we?

I thought I'd start by taking a trip down reality lane by starting with this nautical getaway. If you have access to a gorgeous sailboat (and seriously, who doesn't), why not do your getaway ON A BOAT? 

If you don't have a sailboat on hand, you can't go wrong with a fancy car and glittery sign! 

I'm also into these old fashioned (yet color coordinated) cans hanging off the back of the getaway car! 

These colorful balloons and pink beetle just make me happy! 

If you're having a city wedding, why not leave in a cab? Nothing says city-livin' like a yellow taxicab, am I right?

If you're looking for something a little sweeter, try leaving on an ice cream and all! 

I adore these streamers and vintage suitcases. Such a throwback! 

Here are a few adorable getaways from some of the weddings I've planned:

At Amanda and Collin's preppy pink and navy wedding, their guests used ribbon wands to wave the happy couple on to their married life! 

For Sarah and Kyle's Pink-tastic wedding, confetti was thrown!

And of course, here's the golf cart getaway from my own wedding. 

I leave you with with this image. This is what fabulous looks like my friends. 

I hope you "getaway" to a wonderful weekend. Heehee.