Thursday, May 8, 2014

Flower Friday: How to enhance a place setting

For this weeks Flower Friday (and if you're interested in seeing the past Flower Fridays, you can find them HERE and HERE) I took a simple $3 bouquet of what might look like "filler flowers" to enhance a neutral place setting. 

 I may have mentioned it before, but if there was a job that entailed of only creating small tablescapes for dinner parties I would totally be on board. There's something so fun and intimate about personalizing a dinner for just 6 or 8 people. Basically, if anyone needs help with their tablescape design just call me. 

Step 1 on this super simple place setting is to buy one bunch of filler flower like the yellow Aster I have featured. And no, I didn't know this was called Aster until I bought it. 

Cut your flowers using floral shears. (And yes, floral shears are completely worth buying - they cut the stems so much easier than dull scissors.) 

Cut a few small sprigs like so...

...and lay a single sprig or even a couple on your napkin. The neutral napkin color and yellow Aster would be a perfect combo for a rustic tablescape.

Babys breath has a bad rap but I think it can be adorable if used right (ahem see below and HERE for another shining example of Babys Breath gone RIGHT). 

Instead of doing a napkin band that wraps around the plate, you can always just fold the napkin on the plate like the photos below. Honestly, playing with napkins is so much fun. Also, when did I become such a loser who liked to play with napkins in my spare time? #NerdAlert


I also used around a bit of kitchen twine I had in my pantry from that one time I made a fancy roast chicken...

... and I tied my flower around the napkin which turned out pretty cute. Again, think free and easy! 

For this edition of Flower Friday I used neutral colors but this would be so cute for a spring table or a Mothers Day brunch. I'm picturing pink roses or a yellow Lilly. Now I want to experiment with more napkins and flowers...again, I'm just so darn cool these days. 

Happy Mothers Day to you if you're a Mom or an expectant Mom - I hope you feel loved and appreciated on Sunday! 


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