Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Customized Koozies, Tote Bags and More!

Happy Hump Day! I'm finally coming up for air after a rain-soaked work event took up all my extra time last week. If you have ever wondered what its like to plan an outdoor event on the same day that a mini tornado rolls through town (complete with several inches of rain and flash flood warnings), just ask me. I can tell you all about it in full, stressful detail. It all turned out really well and we had a surprisingly good turnout after springing for a last minute tent and valet parking, but I gained a few late nights and grey hairs in the process. 
As to be expected in the life of an event planner - it's a risky business :) 

I'm going to take a turn from rainy outdoor events to a super cute Etsy shop. A few weeks ago I was aimlessly wandering around Blacklion which is a Charlotte based home decor and furniture store that houses different vendor booths. I came across this super cute shop featuring printed bags, mugs, greeting cards and more. I was lucky enough to meet the shop owner, a sweet gal named Lesley and we got to chatting. It turns out that Lesley makes gifts that would be perfect for weddings - anything from bridesmaids gifts to koozies to save the dates. Or you can pick up her items for a special gift for someone. So if you're in Charlotte you can check out her booth at the East Boulevard Blacklion and if you're not you can check out her products on her Etsy site.  

I feel like I could get some reaaaal good use out of this funny mug. It just makes me laugh and somedays is totally necessary...

I absolutely love these bags for and engagement or wedding gift for a couple that is getting married. You can customize these for any state or city!

I also love these monogrammed bags would which be cute bridesmaid gifts with each bridesmaids initial.

Koozies are always popular at weddings. Lesley can customize koozies for your big day, bachelorette party or any special event! I love these ones below - Let love brew...this would be perfect for a beer loving couple!

And I love these state koozies SO. MUCH. Adorable!

Considering how much I love lattes, I would love to receive one of these adorable thank you notes in the mail!

As you can tell, Lesley is a talented designer so check out her Etsy site (or her Blacklion booth if you're in Charlotte) and if you don't see a design that suits your needs she can probably whip one up for you! 

I know you will love her stuff as much as I do! Have a great day! 


  1. ooo love the bags, so fun!

  2. Love her site and Blacklion shop! Thanks for highlighting her!