Monday, April 7, 2014

Prickly Pear Margarita: Local Restaurant Feature

Is it in bad taste to start the week off with a cocktail? 

The correct answer is.... Not if the cocktail tastes and looks as good as this.

Just so you know, I drank this beauty on a perfectly acceptable day and time - Friday afternoon. The weekend was in front of us in all its relaxing glory. Now it's a rainy Monday morning.  Le sigh.

Instead of thinking about Mondays, let's focus on happy things -  like how Kristen LeQuire and I have a new business endeavor that involves going to restaurants and photographing cocktails for my blog. That's a little more pleasant, don't you think? 

When my friend and photographer Kristen and I were brainstorming about our next photo shoot, she came up with the brilliant idea of featuring cocktails from our favorite local restaurants. Isn't that a smart idea? It's a win-win for everyone involved - Kristen and I get to drink a delicious cocktail, we feature a great restaurant and I get beautiful photos for my blog. Our first restaurant is Bricktops located in the Southpark area of Charlotte, NC where we live. 

Bricktops is one of my fave restaurants in town, especially for brunch. Their Bel-Air Eggs Benedict has avocado on it and their eggs are always perfectly poached! Their signature cocktail is the Prickly Pear Margarita and it's not only gorgeous to look at, it's delicious as well. In case you are wondering, the Prickly Pear is a actual fruit - who knew?? 

How gorgeous are these photos by the way? 

I love how you can see the lime being squeezed into the drink - Kristen is so talented in capturing these little details. 

We had the bartender write down the ingredients for us so you can make your own Prickly Pear Margarita in the comfort of your own home.


2.5 oz Prickly Pear Tequila 
1 oz Cointreau
3 oz Sour Mix 

Shake it up and pour into a chilled martini glass and enjoy!

Here I am enjoying.

On an unrelated note, we also had a margarita flatbread which was delicious. God I love guilt-free weekend eating. 

So there goes our first installment of Kristen and Jackie Do Cocktails - it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Hope it made your Monday a little more pleasant!


  1. This drink looks awesome and I love this idea you and your gal came up with! Local eats are going to love Kristen and Jackie do cocktails. :)

  2. I love your new endeavor. Totally going there and ordering that drink. Related note- I just had the best drink I've had in Charlotte. It's at Nan & Bryon's and is called G'Night moon and is mojito inspired but made with moonshine! You girls def need to check it out!!!!

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