Friday, April 4, 2014

Flower Friday: Ombre Bud Vases

Hello and Happy Friday to you! Or should I say Happy Flower Friday! If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, I've decided to do a new series here on the blog dedicated to my love of all things fresh flowers called Flower Friday. Alliteration - holla! Flower Tuesday just doesn't sound as good.  Every other Friday I will showcase a different type of simple arrangement to show you how you can add fresh flowers to your house for instant happiness. You may have guessed about my extreme love for fresh flowers from my last post featuring my easy party tips!

I hope you enjoy the series, and I know I will because I have an excuse to always keep fresh flowers in the house - it's for work, duh.

The first edition of Flower Friday focuses on the wonderful world of Ombre. If you're unfamiliar with the term, it means that the same version of a color goes from light to dark, or dark to light. Lately the trend has appeared everywhere from celebrity hair styles ... delightful cake layers!

To be honest, my hair looks ombre too but that's because I haven't gotten it colored in months. Sometimes laziness and lack of wanting to spend $200 for a cut/color can pay off by looking trendy .

To put an ombre spin on flowers, I found three little bud vases in the dollar bin at Michaels (aka a gold mine for misc. party things you probably don't need). I stuck some springtime lillies in them and voila - a creative and quick arrangement that would look great on a mantle, in a bathroom or really anywhere you need a little somethin' somethin'.

In this case I went with ombre colored vases in clear, light blue and dark blue, but you could always do ombre colored flowers. Light pink, medium pink, dark pink - you get the idea.

I love it! Hope you enjoyed the first edition of Flower Friday and there's more where that came from. I hope your Friday and your weekend is filled with flowers and other happy things! 


  1. Love this new series! Cute idea! And I'm definitely in favor of any excuse to buy fresh flowers!

  2. Very pretty; and so simple. Love how you always find simple touches to add a lot of flair.

  3. I love those vases! I didn't get these but found similar ones at Michael's..