Monday, March 3, 2014

So I wear many's one of them!

Well hellooooo there! Hope everyone is doing well. Currently, I'd say I'm doing well but I'm cold. You see, it was 70 beautiful degrees in Charlotte yesterday but today it's freezing cold and sleeting. 
What's the deal yo?

Anyways, enough about the weather and more about me. Ha! I'm totes kidding...except I'm not. Tonight I wanted to show what I've been up to lately!

 Some might say that I wear many hats... and I guess it's true. I plan events and weddings, I do fundraising for a great non-profit and I write. I write blog posts for me (sometimes more often than not...), blog posts for others, blog posts to promote brands and good ole' fashioned articles about anything you can think of. 

My latest post was a Valentines Day article with a party theme! I wrote a How-To on hosting a cookie and cupcake decorating party for kids for the lovely ladies at Bon Bon Rose. My friend and fave photographer Kristen LeQuire took the photos and you may recognize a few of sweet smiling faces! This decorating party can be used for any holiday or excuse to get the kids together.  You can find the full post with details HERE at Bon Bon Rose, but for now here are a few preview photos of the sweetness:

One of the most favorite things I've done recently is an article that's been published in a local magazine, Today's Charlotte Woman Magazine.  I did a feature article on a wedding cake baker Mandie Miller who has been busting it in the Charlotte wedding and event industry and recently opened up her own shop. Reading about Mandie's full home life and successful business will make you wonder how she pulls it off while making it look easy! You can find the electronic version of the magazine HERE- turn to page 23 to read the article written by yours truly. I love promoting other woman entrepreneurs...nothing against men but women rule, don't they? 

I've got a few other exciting writing assignments up my sleeve and I can't wait to share them with you when the ink is dry. If you need help promoting your brand or want some new content for your blog, don't hesitate to contact me - I'd be more than happy to contribute and continue adding to my hat collection! Wink Wink


  1. You're a women of many talents and I appreciate you! xo

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