Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pajamas and Pancakes - A 4 year old's fabulous birthday soiree!

It has been SUCH a long time since I posted and that sucks, I know. Mr. Fo and I just got back from a long trip. To Hawaii... (now do you hate me?)... Hopefully you will forgive me because I have quite possibly the cutest 4 year old birthday party you've ever seen. I know it's the cutest I've ever seen. This was of course for my sweetie-pie niece Brooke who I LITERALLY cannot believe is 4! I remember so fondly when she was born and I was (and still am) so in love with her as she grows up to be a funny, smart little person! For her 4th birthday hoopla (and it was a hoopla, not just a party) my sis-in-law Drew decided to throw her a pajamas and pancakes theme due to the fact that she loves both those things. Are you ready for some extreme cuteness to brighten up your Tuesday?

Here's the smiling birthday girl, and yes, those are pancakes on her shirt. She was waiting for her friends to arrive so her big day could start! 

Drew rented little kiddie tables and chairs from Party Reflections for all the kids to sit and eat their pancakes at the appropriate level. Aren't these tables and chairs so bright and happy? The cute chair decorations were created by Kilbi Branch Designs. Kilbi does great garlands, wreaths and party decorations - definitely check her out! 

I love this one with Brooke standing in her very own pancake heaven.

And this sweet one of mom and daughter. 

Here's the table filled with kiddos!

Check out the cereal filled vases and mini cereal boxes on the table:

Of course there were a plethora of pancakes, all whipped up by superdad, my brother-in-law Michael. 

Of course there were toppings galore, including sprinkles and four types of syrup. Why not hop up a bunch of little kids on sugar, right? 

To be fair there was fruit. But there was also cake.

Let's move on to activities. Yes, activities - you can't just invite kids over for pancakes, hop them up on sugar and not give them stuff to do, right? 

My personal favorite was the fruit loop necklace station where the kids made their very own fruit loop necklaces on strings.

There was a donut hole beanbag toss:

There was a station to make Valentine's Day card boxes:

A movie station, complete with blankets with initials ironed on the blankets for each child to take home! 

The most popular station was the balloon artist who made these insanely large balloons. Here's the kids calmly enjoying them:

Here are a few other photos from the fun event:

Birthday girl:

Cute flowers:

Ring pop mouth! 

Here I am with the birthday girl:

And how can we forget the little sister, Claire Bear who was also enjoying cereal. 

Speaking of Claire, she also has a birthday soon, she's turning 1 this week! Drew had a mini soiree for her celebrating her nickname Claire Bear. 

There were teddy grahams:

An adorable bear cake:

And of course a bear!

Later this week I'll be back to tell you about our fantastic, beautiful trip to Hawaii! 

I hope you enjoyed the Pajamas and Pancakes shindig! Now if only someone would make me pancakes right now...


  1. so super cute! love this theme!

  2. Love all the details! Super cute! Where did you purchase your blankets from? Also, did you purchase your fruit loops in bulk? Any details you can provide would be greatly appreciated. My email is stromank1@yahoo.com. Many thanks!

  3. AnonymousJuly 27, 2015

    Cute party. Where did you purchase the blankets

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