Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pins lately

Oh Pinterest. Land of inspiration. Land of procrastination. Land of make believe where all homes are perfect, all food is scratch-made and all weddings are dreamy and stress-free.  I have mixed feelings towards Pinterest. While I obviously love it for inspiration and collecting different photos of wedding/event themes for my various events, it's hard from a planner perspective. What do I mean? 

Well (and I'm not alone here, I've talked to fellow wedding/event colleagues who agree) sometimes my clients absolutely fall in love with an image they see on Pinterest. And why wouldn't you fall in love with a beautiful, airily lit room with perfect ceiling draping, towering flower tablescapes and a model-worthy bride and groom. What sucks is when a client falls in love with an image and I have to say: "That image costs 4 million dollars to create in real life..". Insert tears. See what I mean? It's a real double-edged sword (if that expression makes sense here).

But I DO think if you use Pinterest as inspiration and a way to collect your favorite looks, it can be a useful (and fun) tool. I know I get lost in the Pinterest-web constantly. I have gazillions of meals I want to make, crafts I want to do and events I want to plan - all from my daily perusal of Pinterest! So don't get me wrong, I totes love it and to prove it, here's my fave pins as of late (in completely random order). 

This isn't a new idea, but it's adorable and easy. My g-store is selling mini pumpkins for 50 cents each, so it's economical as well as stylish. Don't be shy, write some names on mini pumpkins yo!

Obviously I'm in a pumpkin place right now. I mean, who isn't. Pumpkin Biscotti combines two of my great loves - pumpkin and Italian food. Donezo.

I'm pretty into pink and orange these days. They don't clash, unless clashing means they look super awesome together. I love these mini florals with the "Oh joy" flag, it's perfect for a baby shower or any happy occasion. 

This is a craft I could sign on for. Write on a mug with a gold sharpie and stick it in the oven? Guess whose getting homemade mugs for Christmas?? Everyone! But seriously, my one concern is of course about blowing up the mug in the oven - how do I know if it's an oven-proof mug? 

Speaking of worrying about silly things, this is basically my life. Anyone that knows me (even a little bit) knows I'm a hypochondriac. Web MD is not my friend, and this is HILARIOUS to me.

This sparkly cake is from my glittery, flowery dreams. Too pretty to even eat!

This recipe is Skinny Eggplant Parm. See, Pinterest is the land of make-believe - as if eggplant parm could be skinny! It does look SO good. I need to actually make this recipe instead of just staring at it on Pinterest. Side note, this recipe comes from Skinny Taste and it's a fabulous website. Check it out!

So when I first saw this photo, I thought it was cute but not practical. I mean clearly the waffle triangle is too large to dip into the syrup container, right? Until I realized that you pour the syrup on top of the waffle. Duh! Isn't this perfect for a brunch event?

Here's my land of make-believe, courtesy of Pinterest. My dream kitchen has a huge island, white cabinets and dark floors. I could do some serious damage in this kitchen. Le sigh. 

Finally, my favorite, favorite pin is Jesse from Breaking Bad, in honor of the fabulous finale this past Sunday. Anyone else think Aaron Paul is super cute? 

I hope you enjoyed my walk down Pinterest Lane. Ha! I'm also super excited because my first feature on BonBon Rose Girls blog went up today and it's all about the Bubbly! BonBon Rose was one of the very first blogs I started reading way back when. I'm hoping to be contributing to them about once a month or so. Thanks to Kristen LeQuire Photography for the beautiful photos and helping style the shoot. Here's a few preview shots, you can see the full post HERE



  1. Love this! That eggplant recipe has been on my list of stuff to make for awhile. I don't know if I believe that it's healthy, though--looks too delicious!

  2. Oh, I am totally with you on how Pinterest has helped to make expectations totally unrealistic (along with wedding shows and dare I say it…staged photoshoots). Those waffle triangles for example...love the look, but then I realize that there’s no way the waffles will be either crispy or warm by the time they’re served. And who wants a cold, mushy waffle?