Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No-Cook Appetizers

If you follow me on other Social Media channels, you may have noticed that I've been contributing posts to the fabulous Bon Bon Rose Girls blog. Since Bon Bon Rose was one of my very first reads when I got into the blog world 4 long years ago, I am obviously thrilled to be a contributor. My first post was all about the Bubbly and my second was about easy-to-assemble No Cook Appetizers. Here are a few of the photos taken by my friend, the talented Kristen LeQuire. Check out her site HERE - her food photos will make you drool! 

And be sure to check out my full Bon Bon Rose posts with recipes and details Here and Here!

All this talk about no-cook apps got me looking for more, and I came up with some goodies. Honestly, anyone can assemble a few pre-made items and look like an entertaining pro! Believe me, I do it all the time ;) I'm a big fan of cooking (obvi) but girl sometimes you just gotsta hit up the pre-made section of your g-store. That's grocery store, and I felt like being gangster there for a second (why, I don't know...slaphappy from a full day) 

This Smoked Salmon app not only looks pretty it tastes great! I mean, I assume it tastes great because I heart smoked salmon.

As an Italian, I can't pass up on a good antipasti tray. Just make it look pretty - no cooking involved!

From Italy to Texas, yes, I'm switching gears...Have you ever had Texas Caviar? It's an fresh salsa made with black eyed peas and a bunch of other goodness that I dare call healthy. Serve with those scoop-y tortilla chips. If you're in the South, Harris Teeter makes a GREAT pre-made Texas Caviar. 
Plus the name can't be beat. 

These Pesto Turkey Pinwheels look delicious don't they? And you can find pesto already made in the grocery store, so it's easy as can be to assemble these hearty pinwheels.

As far as no-bake desserts go, I'm a big fan of just opening up a bag of dark chocolate chips and going to town, but since that won't really work for a party, I like no-bake mini cheesecakes. 

Go for one with a fruity topping:

Or a Smores topping. Because really, who doesn't like smores?

There's plenty more where that came from, so dig around on the world wide web and you'll find easy apps until your hearts content. I've got a wedding this weekend so this will probably be my last post of the week as I get ready for Liz and Derek's Charlotte Trolley festivities! 
Cheers to the happy couple!

Happy Entertaining! 

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