Thursday, October 10, 2013

Harvest Party Ideas

There are SO many things I love about the fall. In fact, I think I'll just make a list because I love lists. 

1. Pumpkin stuff is number one, hands down. 
2. Boot weather
3. Cozy food
4. Football watching
5. Red wine weather
6. Our anniversary (5 years this year!!)
7. My birthday (on Thanksgiving this year!)
8. Crockpot soups, stews and chilli

....and many, many more reasons. It's really the most wonderful time of the year, dare I say. 

To celebrate the amazing weather and the fruits of fall, my sister-in-law and a friend and I (probably terrible grammar) are hosting a Harvest Party. What is a Harvest Party you ask? I don't know. It's just a fancy term for a party held in the fall. Picture pumpkins, cider and hay bales. I'm been obsessively researching Harvest Party ideas and here is some of the inspiration I've found! 

I love how this wagon welcomes guests with a handwritten pumpkin and other gourds. I also love the word "gourds." So weird. 

If we were doing a sit-down dinner, I would copy this exactly. It's so freaking cute! I'm sure it's a pain in the arse to cut out these little pumpkin vases but it's totes worth it. 

I love the way these forks are displayed...the candy corn? Love! And I love candy corn. Who doesn't. I mean, sometimes I eat so much it makes me sick but whatevs.

This is a perfect, simple centerpiece for a fall-themed gathering. Throw a few pumpkins around and voila - you're done! 

Here are those gourds again. I don't know if I've ever seen those green colored pumpkins, but they sure are gorgeous! I love the whole tables cape, it's absolutely perfect.

These little mini desserts in mason jars are amazing and I will be doing this for our harvest party. I"m thinking some sort of pumpkin parfait with crumbly streusel? 

I love bars of any kind. The kind that you drink at of course, but also party bars - like mimosa bars, mashed potato bars, etc. This apple cider bar is perfect for a Harvest Party!

Any party I'm throwing has to have a cocktail, and this Autumn Sangria is beautiful! 

By the time our Harvest Party rolls around in late November, I'll have so many ideas...probably need to pick a few and go with it! I can't wait, sometimes I think planning the party is almost as fun as actually being at the party :) 

I hope you have a great weekend, I'm so excited (and fortunate) to be heading to a beautiful beach house with a group of friends and my favorite husband (ha) Mr. Fo. Happy Harvest! 

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  1. Temperatures just got low enough for boots here the other day. I was SO happy! Looks like you have some great inspiration for that harvest party.