Friday, August 16, 2013

Laurie & Matt Wedding Photos!

How about a beautiful, happy couple on the blog for your Friday? I think that would be a great start to your weekend! You may remember a little preview of Laurie and Matt's April wedding a few months back. I showed you my very best of the iPhone photos I snapped that beautiful evening, but now we've got the professional photos from the absolutely fabulous Liza Cox Photography. Getting the professional photos back is like the icing on the cake after a wedding! Liza did such an amazing job capturing the evening and how happy Laurie and Matt were. Without further ado, here's the lovely wedding of Laurie and Matt. (Full vendor credits at the bottom of the post.) 

Laurie's dress was absolutely stunning. All the layers on the train made it look like she was almost floating - it was just gorgeous!



The girls got ready at the Ritz which has beautiful city views. It made for the perfect backdrop for her beautiful brooch bouquet which included a special family brooch.

Let's give the handsome guys some love with this serious action shot! These guys mean business. 

I absolutely LOVED the boutonnieres. 

The ceremony was held at Byrons in the Atrium and I loved the set-up. 

Laurie and Matt giggled here when he stomped on the glass. It was a sweet and charming moment for the happy couple. 

Byrons has the most perfect brick alley for post-ceremony photos. The wedding party had such a fun time posing and looked totes professional.

My favorite post ceremony photo that just makes me giggle is this one. If you've ever been in a wedding you know how hard it is to tie a bustle! This photo should be titled: 

How many bridesmaids does it take to do a bustle?!

Look at how pretty this photo is - they look like bride and groom models! And I have to say, I LOVE the bustle. Some bustles look weird. This one looked perfect. 

Byrons was set up beautifully for the reception. The flowers from Jay at In Bloom were gorgeous!

Oh... the cake. Made by the grooms sister, Haines from For Goodness Cakes, this was a stunner.

Speaking of sweets, to highlight the couples love for chocolate, we created a chocolate bar with six different kinds of chocolate for guests to sample and take home. It was an absolute hit, I think almost all the chocolate was completely gone! I can still taste the white chocolate....I had to sample the product to make sure it was okay for the guests :)

I love their guestbook where guests wrote directly on the "P" for the couples last name. So creative!

Their perfect party getaway was lined with glo-sticks! 

The couple left the party on the light rail and the photographer got some amazing shots of them waiting for the light rail and on the light rail! I loved these photos because I never got to see this part in person and they are so, so sweet! 

I love the photos when Laurie is wearing Matt's jacket. So gentlemanly! 

Here comes the light rail! 

Here they are just chilling with other folks on the light rail. Wouldn't you be delighted if you saw this happy couple on your way home? Side note, look at her cute shoes peeking out!

Flowers: InBloom
Photography: Liza Cox
Cake: For Goodness Cakes

This couple was such a blessing to get to know, and I know Laurie and I will be friends for a long time to come. In fact, we recently spent a delightful evening together eating sushi and drinking wine with her sister who is also fabulous. It's like I got to be friends with the whole family! I love when that happens. 

This weekend is a doozy for me. I've got a fancy baby shower I'm setting up for tomorrow and then I leave town for my mini-triathalon right after that. Eeek! Can you say nervous?! I hope I finish and don't drown, crash or fall. Ha! 

Here's some crafting I did (with the help of my sis-in-law) for baby shower:

And here are my tri-training partners with our sweet goggles. 

Wish me luck this weekend - can't wait to report back next week! 


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