Monday, June 17, 2013

Tri-ing something new....

So no big deal but I'm doing a triathlon. 

Okay, okay it's not a FULL's like a super sprint, but still. My friend Amy convinced me to sign up for the Ramblin' Rose Triathalon. At first I was terrified (and slightly angry at Amy), but now I'm pumped.  I was lucky enough to get hooked up with the fantastic local blogger Caitlyn from Healthy Tipping Point to become a Ramblin' Rose Blogger Ambassador and promote these great races.

What is Ramblin' Rose? It's a program that "celebrates the empowerment of women" - and you really can't argue with that. It's such a wonderful message and one that I truly believe in. I should clarify that I am generally pro-human, but specifically, I'm a big proponent of women kicking ass and taking names. Whether it's in business, school, fitness, motherhood or overcoming hardships, women should support each other and not bash each other because we all have our own struggles. 
 And enough of that soapbox...sorry, I just get passionate about my girl power.

But seriously, the point of Ramblin' Rose is to get women active and complete a triathlon. I find myself brushing this off as a "super sprint" triathlon because that's what it is, but whatever, it's still an event that involves swimming, biking and running and I will totes be proud of myself and my girls. Even if we do have to wear unflattering onesies (which what we are calling our one-piece bathing suits. Can't tri in a bikini, that's a no-go.) 

So, just how doable is this Ramblin Rose tri?

It's a 225 yard swim

8 mile bike

2  mile run

Not bad right? I mean, I haven't swam (like REALLLLY swam) since back in the days of Camp Thunderbird (represent Camp T!). But I'm just hopping in the pool in my sweet onesie and making a go of it. This is also fantastic motivation to get me out of a fitness slump, and the turning-30-metabolism slow down that I'm currently experiencing. (Seriously, why didn't anyone tell me about this evil turning 30 business? It's like you can't even have tons of wine and cheese without repercussions anymore. Rude.)

If you are interested in empowering yourself  (and who isn't!) check out the Ramblin' Rose events coming up! There's still time! 

                                          Say it with me ladies - "I am woman - hear me roar!"

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