Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 Wedding Trends

So I was flipping through the Interweb and I came across a Huff Post article about 2013 Wedding Trends. Huff Post has the most delectable online gems, doesn't it? Anywho, while I probably should have posted this article back in January 2013 instead of April (HOW is it April, btw), it's never too late, right? 

Here are some Wedding Trends for you think they've come true so far?

Eye-Popping Cakes

 like this colorful beauty featured in the article. Hubba Hubba - yes, I'm "hubba-hubba-ing" about a cake. This simply screams SPRING! 

Here are a few other fantastically WOW cakes!

Holy texture...this cake is not messing around in its complexity!

Tea time? This cake is not exactly a wedding cake - but can you even believe it's a cake at all? This is actually by one of my favorite Charlotte wedding cakers, Wow Factor Cakes. Wow is right! 

Neutral Colors

Depending on the venue, I think neutral colors can look great for an event or wedding. The natural look  works especially well with off white and blush colors.

I love the nail color in the inspiration board below. And the back of the dress...and her hair...pretty much everything. 

You'd think the term "Sparkly Neutral" would be an oxymoron, 
but this beige sparkle linen begs to differ. 

A Return to Formality

I love a fun rustic wedding as much as the next guy, but man is there something special about a suped up formal black-tie affair. The glitz, the glamour, the's straight out of Gatsby I tell you.

Holy elegance....this draping...those had me at hello.

I'm going to let you drool over this spectacular black-tie wedding for a few photos. Check out her amazing wedding dress and the gorgeous gold table settings. I die.

Green Weddings...and I'm not referring to the color

So like most everything else these days, weddings have gone environmentally friendly. (In full disclosure I'm not the greenest person myself and I'm frankly not a fan of the green peer pressure I sometimes feel. Sometimes it's not feasible to 100% recycle or ride a bike. I'm just saying. You know you agree.)

This is cute...although I have a black thumb and would most definitely kill this tree seedling if someone gave it to me as a wedding favor. But still, cute. 

You can also be green by serving local ingredients. I believe that reduces the "carbon footprint" or something of the sort? Can you tell I'm not too familiar with the lingo? I am familiar with local food and I will tell you that lettuce from the farmers market tastes so much better than the bagged stuff that's traveled to your grocery store from Timbuktu. That's the truth yo. 

So what did you think about some of these trends? Have they come true so far this year?

In other random news, I recently read this great article called: "Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life." For those of you not familiar with Instagram (i.e. my mom), it's just another social media outlet where you can post photos of your daily life. I happen to really love's less ridiculous than Facebook. That said, the whole social media world is simply out of control and frankly can really make you look at your own life with slight disdain, which just sucks. Nobody is on a beach all the time, nobody is at a fabulous event every evening and no one runs 10 miles every day of the week. (I mean, maybe these things are true for some people, but they're rare.) My point is, everyones got messy parts of their life but no one wants to show them! So to combat this, here's my latest Instagram photo:

So this was my sink that I came home to one day from the delicious shrimp scampi I'd made the night before. Yup, the night before. The dishwasher was in full wash mode
so we couldn't put dishes in there. I mean, I could have hand washed these dishes.. but I was like
 whatevs, I'm going to bed. Mr. Fo could have done the dishes when he worked from home that day, but he's allergic to doing the dishes (must be a husband thing). But I'm not going to be all naggy wife about dishes...I only nag about important things. Like where we go out to dinner.
 So the next day I took a picture of it and posted it for the world (aka my Instagram followers) to see. And it was awesome. Because if your biggest worry in the day is a sink full of dirty dishes, it's probably been a pretty good day.
As far as the shrimp scampi goes, well...... I swear, white wine, butter and lemon sauce might just solve the world problems.

 Point being - people aren't perfect! I've never claimed to be. Perfection is boring. Being messy and slightly crazy is where its at. Don't you agree?! 

Three cheers to your perfectly imperfect life my friends!


  1. Great trends!! I love that first cake, oh my wow. I shared a few trends on the Dreamin N Details site and I can't wait to see all of these this year.

    I adore your keeping it real pic. ;)

  2. I would love to do an eco vow renewal! Did you ever see pics of Kaitlin Olson's wedding? So gorg!

  3. That first cake is amazing! And that rosette all makes me {almost} want to get married all over again! Love that you posted a picture of your dirty dishes. I'm definitely guilty of only posting the happy/fun pictures.

  4. I loved that second cake. My mouth started watering.
    That back of the dress of the bride & its rosette pattern is just awesome.

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