Saturday, January 19, 2013

Custom Placemats

Happy Saturday! I'm thrilled to have a weekend where I have unexpected time to do a blog post. My weeks have been busy with work and booking weddings and events for the upcoming year (yay!). My agenda for the day is to hit up a local market in town with Mr. Fo, have a quick meeting about an upcoming event and then nap and eat. Pretty standard and pretty awesome.

If you know me, you know that my ideal dream job in all the land would be to host dinner parties pretty much every night. I love setting tables in creative ways and coming up with menus. It's my jam. One day I'll have a giant house meant for entertaining and I'll throw THE most fabulous dinner parties. You are all invited ;) Big house or not, there are many ways to jazz up a dinner party, special occasion, baby shower or birthday dinner. The latest way to personalize your party is Custom Paper Placemats. Offered by tons of great shops, these placemats are affordable, unique and will have your guests thinking you are the coolest. Which you are. 

Paper Source carries great options. If you aren't as lucky as me to have a Paper Source store in your town, you can order these online. I especially love the "Oh baby!" placemats which are perfect for a baby shower luncheon! You can even use the placemats as place cards!

 The Stationary Studio also has good options, including an anchor placemat for all your nautical needs. Or if you just like anchors because you're a Delta Gamma like me - Anchors Away DGs! (So cheesy, I know. But after 4 years of anchors, you still feel a little thrill when you see an anchor, I swear.)


Yet another reason I love Etsy... 


And another fabulous Etsy find... I love the grey and yellow color combo! 

Forget about the boring, lackluster placemats from the days of yore - shake things up with a badass custom placemat for your next soiree to really show you care. :) 

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