Monday, November 12, 2012

Lemme Lemme Upgrade you

Happy Monday...Can you believe it's already Monday? I'm going to be totally blunt with my peeps this morning before I move forward with my post.  I'm burnt out. Seriously, just burnt out. Between marathon weddings, work events, freelance article deadlines and a never ending stream of emails, I'm in serious need of a vacation. In fact it's currently Monday and I've been trying to write this post since last Thursday. Don't get me wrong, I'm REALLY pleased with how everything is going and I don't want to sound complain-y. I've got great things going on, received some really good news last week and am working on some fun events for the end of the year and next year. But I'm tired. And my house is a disaster zone and I can't catch up. But blah-blah I have the world's smallest violin. Just wanted you to know where I'm at and why I haven't been blogging as regularly as I would like.

I've been trying to post about our fun anniversary weekend for a few weeks now, so here goes...better late than never! Mr. Fo and I had a beautiful wedding reception at Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge 4 years ago and this is now the 2nd time we've gone back to celebrate our anniversary. This place is seriously beautiful and they treat you like a king (and queen)! The fabulous Kelly (formerly the event guru at the hotel before she had her adorable baby) caught wind that we were coming and upgraded us to the Presidential Suite. (Side note let's comment on how Kelly can still pull strings even though she doesn't work there anymore - she's that awesome - thanks Kelly!) The presidential suite was amazing because a) it's where we stayed the night of our wedding and b) it's bigger than our condo. (And most definitely cleaner.)

If you don't believe me that the place is seriously gorge, here's a view from our balcony :)

We spent the afternoon watching golfers and eating cheese. It was really strenuous. In the effort of full disclosure, I must admit that in order to "save money" and avoid purchasing an overly expensive room service cheese plate, I brought our own with delicious cheeses from Trader Joes. Imagine our reaction when we realize we'd been upgraded to the Presidential Suite but had brought our own cheese from home. #cheapskates #irony

Let's get to the main event of the evening, which is most certainly the delicious meal we had at the Gallery Restaurant. I know that hotel restaurants have a bad rap, and sometimes for good reason. The Gallery Restaurant is amazing and worth going to even if you're not staying in the hotel. The service was excellent and the menu and food were spectacular. And I'm a food snob. So let's review this mouth watering meal, shall we?

First off, points to Ballantyne for giving us a specialized menu. I like feeling special.

Another thing I loved about Ballantyne is that they didn't give me weird looks when I took pictures of all my food. Or maybe they did, but the food was so good that I didn't notice. The waiter brought us a popover to start. I love popovers because they are delicious and cute. In fact, I want to try to make them myself but I'm positive I wouldn't be able to make it "pop" correctly.

For appetizers and salads, we got the following:

Oysters (which Mr. Fo has hated for years but all of a sudden wanted to get? Weirdo. I found out that the culprit is his coworker who is quite the foodie himself...apparently he turned Mr. Fo onto the deliciousness that is raw oysters.)

Shrimp and grits with pink peppercorns.

Caesar Salad with a Parmesan Crisp. If you want me to order your salad, put a Parmesan crisp on it.

For entrees, I got scallops and grits (a Southern twist on the scallops/risotto combo that's oh so popular). Man I love me some scallops. Confession - I've never made them myself. I think I'm afraid for some weird reason.

Mr. Fo got a steak of some sort... (no photo, whoops). Seen one steak you've seen them all, right?

For dessert the fine folks at Gallery Restaurant continued to spoil us with a special anniversary trio of desserts including a pumpkin cheesecake to die for, poached pair and banana creme brulee. Plus some chocolate writing which I'm always impressed with. So if you're counting, I've now felt special twice in one meal. Score.

When we got back to our room, we had raspberry chocolates on our pillow. Le sigh. Can I arrange for someone to do that at my own house?!

I've learned that life gets so incredibly busy that if you don't celebrate things like anniversaries, birthday, good news, etc, you can drift apart quickly. In my 4 years of marriage, I've learned you need to TALK TALK TALK and celebrate all things, no matter how small. So if your anniversary is coming up, don't hesitate to celebrate, even it's not a milestone anniversary and even if all you have time for is a simple breakfast together. So enough lecturing from me :) 

I'm planning various posts for this week and counting down the days (only 10!) until our sunny stay in the Dominican Republic over Thanksgiving. 

I hope everyone has a productive and happy day!


  1. I love you for bringing your own cheese to the fancy hotel. You are a girl after my own heart. And I'm scared to make scallops too--you have to time it just perfectly to get them right. Glad y'all had a wonderful anniversary!

  2. Looks like an amazing anniversary. And that cheese plate totally had me fooled - it definitely looked like a gorgeous restaurant set-up!

  3. Happy Anniv, Happy Bday, and I hope you had an awesome trip. (How could you not?!)
    And, its ok to be tired/burnt out, even when its from good stuff. :)

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