Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinkful Wedding

Before we get started on this plethora of sparkly pink goodness that was this past weekend's wedding, let's clear up one major thing: Pinkful = full of pink. I thought the term was sort of obvious, but apparently some folks (including my husband) were confused.  When you see all the pink about to come your way, there will be no confusion, I promise! In case you're wondering, pinkful is not in the dictionary but I'm working on it.

First off, let's just say that my iPhone photos will not do this wedding justice. We'll need to see the real photos from Michael J. Flanagan Photography to capture the evening correctly, but for now these will do. I LOVED everything about this wedding theme and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out! Think pink, whimsy, fun and simply awesome. Oh, and gorge.

Settle in with some pink lemonade, or better yet some pink bubbly to enjoy this preview of a fabulous night.

Let's just discuss the idyllic setting at the beautiful home of Kurt and Sherri in Davidson, NC, who are the groom's aunt and uncle. They also happen to be the coolest people ever and basically let people (i.e. me) camp out in their beautiful home for days to prep for this 70 person partay. What I'm trying to say is that I'm in withdrawal because I haven't spent any time in Kurt and Sherri's house in the last 24 hours. If you saw the house, you'd be in withdrawal too...it's magazine beautiful. For reals. Don't believe me? Check out the wedding ceremony which took place on their ginormous front porch complete with rocking chairs and a plethora of other comfortable seating perfect for sipping lemonade and watching the world go by.



 I've never coordinated a ceremony on the front porch of someones home, but it turned out perfectly! With a backdrop like that, you really can't go wrong - am I right?

Post ceremony, the crowd threw confetti on the happy couple, one of my favorite touches! Among many other things, the confetti was provided by the fabulous Flair Exchange. 


Confetti aftermath...


There were plenty of photos to be taken...see adorable bridesmaids below! These beautiful ladies are Kurt and Sherri's precious daughters, Claire and Olivia who are both uber sweet and funny to boot. 


Sarah and Kyle chilling on the tree swing post ceremony...


...with heart shaped shoe clips from my fave sight for glittery goodness, Ban.do. 


After the ceremony, the guests had a long commute to the beautiful backyard for a lovely cocktail hour followed by a tented reception. Let's check out the creative details, shall we?

The florals were pink (duh) and the vessel was a champagne crate. There's just never enough bubbly :) The chevron runners were from Etsy. Really, this wedding should have been sponsored by the Color Pink and Etsy.






       The combo of hot pink, gray, white and gold was simply smashing. Plus the tent was accented with pink lights and fabric, giving the whole tent a pink glow. Excuse me, a pinkful grow.

There were countless fun touches that showcased Sarah's creativity and fun personality.

Mustache and sparkly lip straws were a hit with the guests:

Flair Exchange to the rescue once again as we used their tassel garland and big ole balloons to add pizazz to various parts of the wedding reception.

This table was the appetizer table turned dessert table...

I hung some garland on the bar....see how i risk my life for my craft? #dedication (Ignore my pasty white legs as I'll be in the DR before you know it taking care of that whole situation)

Some other fun touches included:

Witty signage from Zazzle...

Flip flops and a cigar bar...

...and glow sticks...Obv...

Funny cocktail napkins...

Calligraphed escort cards with heart accents...

Whimsical food like tomato soup shot with grilled cheese and chicken pot pies for dinner (not pictured)...

...and of course we brought in late night McDonalds served on gold trays...

One of the food elements didn't work out as I'd hope. I had mini cotton candy spun on striped straws, but it didn't survive. Word to the wise - humidity and cotton candy are not friends. Exhibit A:

But I can deal with the cotton candy mishap because the fabulous ombre heart cake pretty much makes up for everything. OMG Wow Factor Cakes this really is the definition of WOW!

Now do you get why we called it the "pinkful wedding?" It was pinkfully awesome. Congratulations to Sarah and Kyle and many years of pinkful happiness! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!
Hope everyone has an equally fabulous week :)


  1. I'm seriously loving the gray chevron combined with the pink. The dining tables are gorgeous, and don't even get me started on the ombre heart cake. Great job!

  2. LOVE THIS! Great job Jackie ...lots of great {PInkful} and chevron details ;-)! ~Alicia | Wedding Row Charlotte

  3. Pink is the "it" nowadays. I've attended a couple of weddings with the same motiff and I would say it's fantastic to see a "pinkful" array of wedding ceremony supplies laid out in front of you. By the way, I love how the things are arranged in the reception.!;)

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