Monday, September 10, 2012


I know, I know. It's been over a week since I've posted. But I took a little break for awhile...and now I'm back! Just needed some time to ease into September..and frankly, I got a little lazy. My deepest apologies. But, you're in luck, because I'm going to do a week in review post, and you'll see what I've been doing all this time. So it will be like I was with you the whole time :)

I enjoyed spending gobs of time on this new find - a website called Rustic Wedding Chic. For pictures of dreamy barn weddings, vintage farm weddings and all things crafty and DIY, you'll drool over this site. Block out a few hours.

One of my favorite finds from this site that's simply perfect for Fall? These apple place cards... to which I quote, from one of my favorite movies, Good Will Hunting:

"How 'bout them apples?" says a very young and very handsome Matt Damon.

Also, not sure if you heard, but my town of Charlotte, NC hosted the Democratic National Convention last week. No matter what your political affiliations may be, having a huge event hosted in your city is pretty cool (even with the increased traffic). My Twitter feed was blowing up with celeb sightings, although I really didn't see any myself despite my BFF Kalle spending some time at the DNC celeb stalking. We straight up stalked, and it poured down sideways rain but we didn't even care. Real celeb stalkers will stalk through rain or shine. See below for rainy evidence...I'm the wet dog on the left :)

Somehow the President Obama made completely out of sand survived the rain...

Michelle Obama rocked her convention clothes, as per usual. My favorite look was the night of her speech...that dress? That hair? Those biceps! Can we just vote for her??

In other big world news this week, my precious niece and goddaughter Brookie had her first day of preschool. Look at this little angel!!!

 Here she is totally cheesin' at the front door. LOVE this little one! Side note - that enormous backpack had a lifetime supply of pull ups in it. That's it. How awesome is that?!

One of my fab Fall brides sent a a gorgeous invite my way (love getting real mail, another perk of the job). I simply adore this whimsical calligraphy!

And she ordered these invitations (which came on a super heavy, gorgeous paper) from Delphine Press which is a GREAT online site for invitations.Word of advice to brides who might be hesitant about ordering online invitations - DON'T BE! If you pick a reputable site and order paper samples from the site before placing your order, you will be totally fine and you'll save money. These invites are amazing and so is the paper quality. Score!

 After living in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina for 15 years (with a 4 year Ohio hiatus for college), I have yet to find good NJ/NY quality pizza. I think I might have found it...maybe not IT, but it is DAMN close! If you've been on a quest for thin crust pizza that will transport you back to your Jersey days, you must try
 Zucca Pizza in South End. Side note, the owners are from NY, so you totally know they're legit.

Next up, I did a little shopping for football season. Despite our abysmal showing in the season opener this past weekend, I think the Panthers could really shine this year. And if they don't, my bedazzled koozie definitely will. 


And so will my brand new Panthers trucker hat. Insert Panther growl HERE.................

Finally, let's talk about food. Because it's my favorite part of most days. I made my first pot of gravy (tomato sauce for the non-Italian layperson) for the Fall.

And I used the gravy to make some seriously ridonk baked ziti. It's perfectly perfect comfort food.


Finally, I closed out the week with something sweet. I've been dying to make these "light" Lemon Squares from Cooking Light. They took the calories down by 1/2 and it didn't suffer on the taste. I heart lemon squares, and the tangy lemon flavor did NOT disappoint. The recipe is HERE, and you can make them even if you're watching your already beautiful figure. 

 So, in short, that was my week. I hope you enjoyed the review. I hope this week is filled with more fun, food and adorableness. Oh, and some blog posts :)

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  1. We all need to take a break very now and then. Looks like you had a fabulous week!