Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pinworthy Pins!

With the title of Pinworthy Pins, I'm referring to Pinterest, of course. You've probably heard of it, because honestly, who hasn't!! Pinterest is an online pin board that everyone is using to pin stunning images of all things pretty. It's used for the following:
Planning dream weddings, decorating fake homes, baking decadent desserts, and other things of the sort. It's also used for planning elaborate tablescapes, providing supreme inspiration for weight loss junkies and marathon runners, creating home DIY projects galore and suping out your holiday decor. It's basically a conglomeration of all the most fun and fabulous things ever. Frankly, I don't know how I planned my wedding without it's magical images. While I'm not the biggest Pinterest pinner ever (I'm on it a ONLY a few times a week, as opposed to many of my friends who are on it a few times a day (you know who you are!). I consider that an accomplishment in itself.) 

Here are my latest finds, in all categories under the sun. We're talking food, parties, decorations and fashion. It's randomly Pin-tastic. 

Fall Soups are back. As if they've ever been out.
 Beer Cheese Soup served in a Bread Bowl. Isn't this ridiculously, ridiculously good looking, Zoolander style? It's the perfect football watching accessory.

This Roasted Cauliflower with Aged White Cheddar is a beaut in itself. I'm calling this a health food.

Get in the spirit of Fall with pumkins. And get in the spirit of life with glitter, because glitter makes everything better. This is a fabulous, easy, DIY project for the season.

 For a more complicated pumpkin DIY project that's just as glamorous, try making these DIY Chevron Pumpkins. Holla!

Well aren't these Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats adorable? 

How clever is this pink nail polish for an "It's a girl" baby shower party favor? And who can't use more nail polish, right?

And we've all heard of red velvet...but how about Blue Velvet Cupcakes for an "It's the boy" party favor?

If I owned this dress, I would sleep in it. Yes, the big bow would probably get all in my face at night, but it would be sooo worth it. Gorgeous.

This dress will go well with the new lightened hair color I'm planning to rock for my upcoming 30th bday.
It's nothing too drastic, but Jessica Alba rocks it.

Oh coffee, how I love the  morning, in the afternoon, with dessert at a fancy meal. 
Caffeine - you complete me.

BAHAHAHA. I've literally lost circulation in my arms to get bags up to my condo in one trip.
 Who's with me?

Here's one of my fave pins of all time, in the fashion of the "Keep Calm" posters...TRUE DAT, right?!

There is so much random goodness to be found on Pinterest, and while it is most certainly a total time suck, it is filled with glorious inspiration. I hope this starts your week off on an inspiring note!

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  1. Definitely some great pins there. You just reminded me that I neeEd to actually start making use of the fitness/weight loss inspiration I've pinned!