Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lots of Exciting Things...

Hello long lost readers! Have you given up on me yet? It's only been about a week since I last posted, I hope you're still with me. :) I have good excuses, okay? It's been a really fun and exciting week at the Fo house. In fact, there's been so much excitement going on that I need to list it out. I think best in "list" form...it helps control my inane, tangential train of thought.  Here goes...

1) My husband got a badass new job. Which is SO exciting for lots of reasons. So proud of my Mr. Fo :)

2) To celebrate this fantastic news, we took a trip to one of our favorite places, which happens to be only 2 hours away, Asheville, North Carolina. For those of you loyal followers, you know that we go to Asheville once a year at least. You can read the 2011 recap HERE and the 2010 version HERE. If you're not familiar with this funky mountain town, read my past posts to get the feel of it...it's worth a visit - for your gestational pleasure alone!

Mr. Fo and I celebrated his new gig at a wonderful restaurant The Marketplace, which was new to us but has been around for 30 years! Cheers!

In addition to delicious, locally sourced food, Asheville excels in another important area: Beer. They're basically independent brewery masters. Don't you dare ask for a Bud Light in an Asheville establishment. You've been warned. For our self guided brewery walking tour, Mr. Fo wore his Beer-Deer shirt. Get it? He got this shirt in Colorado, and it was a big hit in Asheville. He was stopped on the street several times ... "Dude...I love your shirt. It's like a bear - with deer antlers. I get it." That's a direct quote.

We drank some beers by the river....note the tree stump seats. Classic Asheville.

...and gave a thumbs-up to all the local-ness...Side note, another thing I'm excited about - my fedora collection. I have 2 now, so I think it's time to call it a collection. Bad hair day, no problem! Throw on your fedora for instant coolness.

Man I love Asheville...let's continue my summer travels, shall we?

3) Number 3 reason I'm excited is because I head to the beach tomorrow afternoon with my Mommy. Yea, I'm almost 30 and I said Mommy. What are you going to do about it. She's the sweetest. And she loves the beach probably more than me. There will be lots of book reading, blog surfing and napping. I'm beyond excited as a mother/daughter trip these days is rare plus I'm in desperate need for beach time. This will basically be me for the next few days:

4) Another thing I'm excited about are the events and weddings I have coming up this fall. I'm pumped about being a part of Charlotte Fashion Week's Bridal Night but I'm also so excited for one of my uber creative brides who is letting me use these sparkly beauties:

5) Maybe my most excited thing is that Mr. Fo finally told me about my suprise 30th birthday trip. Let's back up here with a mini list within a list: 1) I am terrible with surprises. And secrets. No one should put me in charge of those, although I'll admit I've gotten better with age. 2) I'm sort of freaked out about turning 30. 3) Mr. Fo is really good with surprises and big-deal events such as monumental birthdays, our engagement, and anniversaries. So I knew it'd be good and pretty much beat him down about it on a daily basis.

After me obnoxiously begging him to tell me and claiming I needed time to pack (btw, my birthday is in November, so how long do I need to pack), he finally caved. I didn't think the surprise would be this good. Drumroll please! Over Thanksgiving week for my big 3-0, we are headed to.....


That would be a magical photo of Punta Cana, Dominican Rebublic. Say whaaaaaaaaaaat?! And guess who's going to be there with us? Oh just 13 of my favorite people, including my mom, cousin and friends. Giddy does not even describe how excited I am. I can just picture the sun, sand and debauchery. It's the perfect way to ring in my 30th, and once again, Mr. Fo proves he is a champion of planning awesome things.  Way to go Mr. Fo!

So do you forgive me for my lack of posing? I hope you do. You should. One of the very few things I plan to do when I'm at the beach is do some blogging, so unless I spend too much time sleeping, I'll be back here later this week. I hope you all have some exciting things going on in your life this week too! 


  1. WOW, what an amazing way to be celebrating your 30th!! Can't wait to see the photos from that trip.
    Congrats on your husbands new job. :)

  2. Congrats on your husband's new job! It looks like you had an amazing Birthday celebration. I can't believe I've never been to Asheville, I need to remedy that asap!