Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here's to 60 years

Hi all! I hope you are all having a great week. I just wanted to do a quick update from my summer travels. I'm in NJ visiting family and about to head DTS (down the shore). It's been a jam packed visit so far. I spent some time with my grandfather who has been recuperating from a very serious surgery for the last few months. While it is so hard to see him in pain, seeing my grandmother take care of him inspired me to write this (unusually serious) post. As my grandma called the nurse, helped him shave and spends long days at the hospital, I am reminded of my wedding vows. 

"For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health." 

I love planning weddings, I love beautiful bouquets, wedding dresses, fancy food and cakes. But those vows are really what it's all about, and I think people forget about that. The wedding day will unfortunately come to an end, and time will pass, and if you're lucky, you'll be married 60 years like my grandparents. And you'd be lucky to have someone by your bedside taking care of you, wanting to take care of you.  

So don't sweat the small stuff. The seating charts, the budget, the family drama; it really doesn't matter at the end. You'll just want someone by your side taking care of you when you need it the most, and laughing about your memories and your long years together. 

Here's to 60 years of sticking together the whole way through. I love you Grandma and Grandpa!!


  1. That's awesome and so amazing! I'm trying to get 70 in with the Mrs. if God will allow!

    Hope you guys are well!

  2. What a sweet post! It's so rare to see marriages last that ling anymore - and I love seeing couples that really make it happen. Best wishes for your Grandpa and his recovery.

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