Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fun Food courtesy of Tablespoon!

Have you ever wondered if you can find chocolate mustaches on a stick? I mean who hasn't, really. It's a pretty common wonderment. Yea...I said wonderment. Luckily I write for the fabulous site Tablespoon that gives me fun and wacky assignments, so my crazy wonderments are often brought to fruition. So clearly, when Tablespoon asked me to create bride and groom bridal shower favors out of mustaches and lips on sticks, I was obviously pumped. Finally! An excuse to make my mustache dreams come true! To read more about where to find the mustache molds and step-by-step directions, visit my Tablespoon article HERE! Photos below!

To read more about all things 'stache, check out my guest post on Party Box Designs Blog!

I've been busy at Tablespoon lately. In addition to 'staches on a stick, I've been writing about other entertaining topics such as...How to Make Watermelon Vodka... 

...and Smores made using the famous Pillsbury Crescent Rolls...can you say OMG?!

I just want to say a big THANKS to Tablespoon for allowing me to create and write about fun things. The day you get the "mustache on a stick" article assignment is never a bad day! So YAY for food, fun, parties and obviously mustaches!

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