Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strawberry Party!

Did you hear the news? Strawberries came in a few weeks early this year due to this insane heat. In other news, it was my  moms birthday over the weekend. This leads to an obvious conclusion - Strawberry Birthday party! After scouring the web, Pinterest and blogs for strawberry recipes (of which there are a mind blowing amount), I settled on light fare that was fairly easy to prepare. Let's take a walk down Strawberry Lane, shall we?

First up, I chatted with my girl Jess from Party Box Design and asked her to make me some strawberry stickers, which I put on mason jars for the cocktail (more on the cocktail later). Combine the adorable stickers, striped straws and a ribbon and you've got instant cuteness. If I do say so myself :)

If you think that looks like a strawberry felt place mat underneath the mason jars, you'd be correct. I found these in Marshalls and squealed! It was the squeal heard round the world. You never know what you'll find at Marshalls.... that's why I love it! Marshalls tip: You'll need to circle the store a few times to find the real treasures. These strawberry place mats were tucked away and it was only on my 3rd trip round the store did my expert eye spy them. As a side note, in the same trip, I also found a great dress for $27.00. Marshalls, will you marry me? 

These blue-ish green-ish hydrangeas were perfect for my centerpiece. I just put some strawberries on skewers and stuck them in the arrangement to keep the strawberry theme a-flowin'!

Naturally I wanted each party guest to walk away with their own little pint of strawberries, so I picked them up from the local farmers market. Any excuse to go to the farmers market! I used teal and red/white polka dot scrapbook paper for place mats and a dollar bin red doily from Michael's dollar bin to complete the place setting. I love using scrapbook paper for place mats because they add color for little moola and you can throw them away when you're done! No washing is a plus in my book :) I tied each strawberry pint with a polka dot ribbon for the finishing touch.

Now for the main event - the food and drink! I decided to go for some light fare that incorporated strawberries...of course! I was concerned that there might be strawberry overload, but honestly it was the perfect amount of berry! 

First up - Strawberry-Basil Mojitos! These were a twist on the traditional mint mojito and they were refreshing and delicious. I highly recommend!

Next up is my favorite recipe of the party, the Strawberry Bruschetta. I used Chevre Goat Cheese spread for these, they are dangerously delicious and super simple! One tip - toast the bread a bit, the balsamic and olive oil can make the bread a bit soggy if you don't toast the bread.

I served a salad for the main course, but it had a lot of yummy components! The salad is based off a recipe I saw on Pinterest. I added grilled chicken and avocado, because doesn't avocado  make everything better? I used Annie's light poppy seed dressing - it's my new favorite salad dressing!

For the finishing piece, I served these strawberry cupcakes I've been dying to make. Although they involved quite a few steps and getting your blender out to puree strawberries, they were worth the effort! My only tip would be to use less powdered sugar in the frosting - I'm going to say that nothing needs 8 cups of powdered sugar, especially when there are delicious strawberries in the recipe!

Paper Source  carries beautiful paper and stationary/invitation supplies, they also carry hilarious gifts like the one below.

In addition to celebrating my mom with strawberries, I got her some summer jewelry and a hilarious book from Paper Source.  In case you didn't know, in addition to fabulous paper and invitation supplies, they also carry awesomely unique gifts like the below.

This awesome book has fantastic and super realistic scenarios featuring handsome men like the below:

This would be a great book for Mothers Day - my mom was literally crying she was laughing so hard. For those of you that know my mom, the Mickey laugh is the absolute best. 

I hope you had as much fun looking at my strawberry party as I did planning it! Take advantage of the early strawberry season in your area and make some of these recipes STAT! 


  1. Omg so cute!! Your table looks awesome!

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  3. Amazing! I am sure your mom Absolutely loved it!

  4. Oh my goodness, that book looks hilarious! Yet another adorable party by you, too! I especially love how you used fresh strawberries in so many ways. And those hydrangeas are killing me! (We just planted a bush, and it’s still just budding...oh, the wait for those gorgeous blooms!)