Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easy Memorial Day party inspiration!

 I'm sure you're aware it's Memorial Day weekend this weekend...people are usually aware of awesome 3-day weekends that involve sunshine, cookouts and relaxing, right? Here are a few ideas I saw on Pinterest that are festive and easy to do :) I've put the real image credit below the picture (if I could find it!) 

Super simple but effective - blue and red Jones soda is super cute!

These pretzels are super easy - I've made them :) Melt chocolate and roll in sprinkles!
Don't have original source - sorry!

Obsessed with these red white and blue pancakes for a Memorial Day brunch!!

How fabulous is this pie?!

 Don't have original source - sorry!

Free patriotic printables for your party!

These cupcakes are awesome looking! 

I love these simple streamers!

Ice cream sandwiches + festive sprinkles is easy!

This fruit and cheese flag is seriously awesome!

See - I told you all the ideas were easy! I hope you enjoy your long weekend!

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