Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paul and Cori's Wedding Photos Are Here!

Back in April I coordinated a wedding reception for an uber sweet couple, Paul and Cori. I've been waiting anxiously for the photos and they are finally here! Paul and Cori's wedding style was funky, rustic, colorful, casual and downright sweet. Here's a sampling of their photos for your viewing pleasure. 

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! All photos were taken by the absolutely wonderful Elizabeth from Almond Leaf Studios. Thanks to Elizabeth for your beautiful work!

The bride's bouquet was colorful and gorgeous. If you can believe it, all the flowers were from the farmers market and put together by friends of the couple! I think you can get such great deals from the farmers market and a huge variety of flower types.

I loved the simplicity of the groomsmen's boutonniere. Baby's breath is always so pretty and works perfectly for a rustic themed wedding.

The bridesmaids wore navy dresses with AWESOME yellow pumps. I love the color combo!

How beautiful are Paul and Cori as a couple?! I just love her birdcage veil. I think they could be bridegroom models!

This picture is so sweet and I love Cori's yellow sweater that matched her bridesmaid's shoes.

Here's a picture of the reception which was held at the Charlotte Trolley Museum. The photo was taken from inside the real trolley in the venue looking out at all the action!

You can get a better view of the yellow trolley in the photo on the left. The dessert table (there were two!) had a great burlap bunting that aptly said " 'Tis So Sweet." Similar to the flowers, all the desserts were made by friends of the bride and groom. I loved the generosity of all their friends, I thought it was so sweet. 

Cutting the cute cake!

Here's a collage of the desserts and decor!

Paul and Cori made a happy, sparkly exit!

Paul and Cori were wonderful to work with and I wish them a lifetime of happiness! 

 I'm off to a friends wedding myself this weekend. In addition to seeing a group of great friends, the wedding happens to be back in my college town at Miami University of Ohio, so you know I'll be hitting up my favorite college dive bars and late night food joints. Bagel & Deli is first on my list, for those of you that are familiar with their steamed bagel deliciousness. Hope you have a great weekend too!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Caprese in it's many lovely and delicious forms!

There aren't a lot of guarantees in life ... so they say. But there is one guarantee in this gal's life: If there's a Caprese Salad on the menu, you bet I'm ordering it. I may grill the waiter on what type of mozzarella it is (Buffalo is preferred) but pretty much if you throw some balsamic on top I am di-zown. In honor of the fresh tomato season upon us, and the general deliciousness of Caprese that makes me proud to be an Italian-American, let's explore the different forms of Caprese:

The classic Caprese just can't go wrong with this just CAN'T! 

How stinkin' cute are these caprese pops? OMG!

The Caprese Stack...gorgeous.

The Caprese to eat and pleasant to look at!

Mix it up with different colors like in this fresh looking salad! 

Holy chips and dips...that's right, this is a Caprese Dip... I must admit, I've never tried making this.
I think I'm afraid I'll try to make it every day and immediately gain 400 lbs.

As with most things, if you put it in pasta, I'll eat it. Caprese Pasta...YUM.

Only one other thing besides pasta could make this combo even better - my good friend, a steady confidante, and someone who is there for me when times get guessed it - The incredible, edible Bread. Mmm...Caprese Sandwich.

After looking at all these gorgeous, fresh photos, I'm really craving some Caprese. Aren't you? So great, now it's 9:30 at night and I'm going to need to make a late night Caprese Run. That's totally normal, right?! I hope you all have lots of fresh tomatoes in your future!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easy Memorial Day party inspiration!

 I'm sure you're aware it's Memorial Day weekend this weekend...people are usually aware of awesome 3-day weekends that involve sunshine, cookouts and relaxing, right? Here are a few ideas I saw on Pinterest that are festive and easy to do :) I've put the real image credit below the picture (if I could find it!) 

Super simple but effective - blue and red Jones soda is super cute!

These pretzels are super easy - I've made them :) Melt chocolate and roll in sprinkles!
Don't have original source - sorry!

Obsessed with these red white and blue pancakes for a Memorial Day brunch!!

How fabulous is this pie?!

 Don't have original source - sorry!

Free patriotic printables for your party!

These cupcakes are awesome looking! 

I love these simple streamers!

Ice cream sandwiches + festive sprinkles is easy!

This fruit and cheese flag is seriously awesome!

See - I told you all the ideas were easy! I hope you enjoy your long weekend!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Memorial Day Marinade!

Are you grilling out for Memorial Day? Silly question... because really, who doesn't partake in some grilling festivities on this fab 3-day weekend. I can smell the margaritas and citronella now! For your cookouts this year, break away from your boring marinade and try my yummy Honey Lime Cilantro marinade. I created this yummy, easy recipe for and used it on grilled chicken. Side note, I know people are torn on the topic of cilantro, but I happen to be a huge fan. HUGE! I particularly love the way it smells and if someone made a cilantro candle I would buy it. That's enough of my cilantro diatribe :)

The main ingredients are of course, lime, honey and cilantro. They are accompanied by the usual suspects - olive oil, salt, pep and garlic.

Whisk, whisk, whisk away! 

 Use the glamorous plastic bag marinade trick and pop it in the fridge for a few hours.

When you're ready, throw those bad boys on the grill...

...and plate!

This marinade will totally memorialize your Memorial Day, I promise! So check out the full recipe and article HERE and get to grillin' this weekend! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Guest Posting - Dos and Don'ts for Wedding Guests!

If you want to know what this is all about, check out my Dos and Donts post on wedding etiquette over at Party Box Design! It's got great info for all your wedding plans this summer! Be back later this week!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Towne & Reese

I'm taking a little departure from the norm on the blog today and talking about one of my other true loves - that would be jewelry, of course. 

For those of you that know me, you know that there are few things I love more than some chunky, WOW-inducing, unique jewelry. Give me a pair of big earrings or a statement necklace and I instantly feel better. In fact, I won't even show you my jewelry storage because it's bursting at the seam and desperately needs to be organized (story of my life, btw). So when my very very good friend Hillary (whose accessorizing skills put me to shame) scored a sweet gig with local jewelry company Towne & Reese, I felt like I hit the jewelry jackpot. 

Towne & Reese was started in my town of Charlotte, NC by two young working moms who clearly have discovered the keys to design, business and just general fabulousness. One of my favorite aspects of T&R (as we true fans call it) is that each piece is named after the owners friends daughters. In fact, the company name honors the two founders daughters, Towne & Reese - love! Keep in mind, T&R is blowing up and is sold in hundreds of boutiques nationwide and has been seen in some little ol' publications you may have heard of - People, Real Simple, Redbook, etc. Recently there's been a big celebrity ambassador of this line, but I'll tell you about that later :)

T&R held a trunk show at my latest fundraising event (with 25% of proceeds going back to the charity - thanks!) and it was a huge hit. Basically T&R rocks the house, is super affordable and will have all your friends saying "Where did you get that?!" Lucky for you they just launched a website where you can purchase their baubles - so don't be mad at me when you spend half your paycheck on their website! Head to  to get instantly styled! Here's a few of my favorite pieces (I may own them all, just saying...obsessed!):

Side note the aqua necklace below is probably one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I've ever owned... it's called The Harper and it comes in coral too. I get tons of compliments every time I wear it...and I love compliments. Just saying.  

Now for that celebrity I mentioned. If you are a fan of the ABC's the Bachelor and Bachelorette, you might know Emily Maynard who is the seriously beautiful Charlotte native who is starring in this season's Bachelorette. Emily is a big fan of T&R and is sporting the jewels this season! In fact, check out her earrings in the below promo shot:

Those are the super popular earrings, The Brooke. And if you're thinking that the Brooke might be named after my niece Brooke (see below for adorable-ness) then you are RIGHT! Thanks to Hillary for making Miss Brookie a little famous and getting these fab earrings named after her :)

So seriously, add some color and pizazz to your summer wardrobe this year. Become a fan of T&R and just wait for the compliments to start pouring in. And for you Charlotte peeps, support your local badass business owners! And thanks to Hillary for always keeping me in the loop and improving my jewelry wearing skills - what a great perk to friendship, right?!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Successful Wedding!

Good morning! Just a quick post this morning to show you why I've been a little sparse on the blog posting this past week or two...I had an awesome wedding this past Friday with a bride I'd been working with for about a year and half! Everything went smoothly and the weather was absolutely perfect - you couldn't have dreamed of a better weather day. Here are a few preview pics before the real pictures arrive!

Have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Awesome Wedding Blog

Stumbling across the web as I often do, I come across too many lovely websites to count. The latest site I've discovered is the Austin Wedding Blog. As a side note, I've never been to Austin and have always wanted to go because well, I've heard it's...badass...for lack of a classier word. If this wedding blog is any indication of Austin's awesomeness, I don't doubt it.. Filled with super creative wedding DIY projects and beautiful wedding photos, this blog chock full of inspiration, no matter where you're from! Here's just a FEW of the fabulous ideas featured on this blog:

YUM is the only word to describe these marshmallow wedding favors!

Can you believe these decorative flowers are made from fruit rollups? 

Loving this creative DIY flower garter!

How gorgeous are these tablescapes? Check out their full post HERE for a collection of stunning tables! OMG - the long curved table with the lights hanging above is amazing!

Finally, I adore these bridal shower cookies that look like mini wedding cakes! 

Have I convinced you how awesome this website is? 

Have a great day!