Friday, March 9, 2012

Moderation: An Update

I hope everyone had a fabulous week. I'm hanging out on a Friday night, with plans to have zero wine and go to bed early. Why is my Friday night so lackluster, you ask? EEEK my 5K is tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. I'm nervous but also excited. Would you like some insight into my fears and anxieties about the race? This will give you some real perspective on what it's like to be me on a daily basis:

1) What if a mob of people tramples me?
2) What if I finish dead last? Like dead last, like everyone who is working the race has to wait for me to finish before they can pack it up for the day. 
3) What if I oversleep, like that guy did in Seinfeld? On that note, why is it so early...could they not have made it at 10 a.m. which is a much more reasonable hour.
4) What if I can't finish? (This is probably my largest, most reasonable fear.) But I will freaking crawl to the finish line if I have to! 

In all honesty, while I am nervous, I'm also excited to get this first race under my belt, and also to complete this goal. I've enjoyed running and the training process so much more than I thought I would, and I plan to keep doing it and signing up for more 5Ks. Will I ever a marathon runner? Doubtful. But who knows, the world is my oyster. And the running has jump started my exercise and eating-in-moderation lifestyle change, and I'm on the right track getting to a better place weight wise. In fact, I'd say I'm well on my way! And I'm not going into anymore detail than that, because this is NOT, and will never become, a weight loss blog. (Ew.)

So think of me tomorrow morning when you're having your coffee or doing other relaxing Saturday morning things. I'll be super red-faced and sweaty and look something like this...

Ok, ok, not that bad...I look a little better than Homer :)

After the race I'm heading to a fabulous brunch where I will eat my face off in celebration. Thanks to my friends for planning a celebratory brunch for me; you're all seriously the best. And thanks to Mr. Fo for getting up early and watching me (hopefully) cross the finish line. And thanks to my marathon running sister in law for answering my incessant running questions. Seriously, she might disown me as a sister-in-law out of pure annoyance. 

Enough of this run talk and healthy eating nonsense. Here's what I plan on indulging in for brunch tomorrow; the absolute greatest brunch food in all of the land:

Eggs Benedict

Happy Weekend All!


  1. You have to let us know you you did!! I'm on the edge of my seat : )


  2. Can't wait to find out how it went!