Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Superbowl Bash ...with gold glitter!'s a few days past the Superbowl, so my post isn't as timely as I'd like. But, I think it's always time to look at cute party pics, right?

We had our annual Superbowl party this year, and it was filled with yummy food, friends sort of paying attention to the game, and a Giants win!

My theme this year was brown (for the pigskin), green (for the turf) and glittery gold (for me). Ha! It's totally normal to use glitter spray paint at a Superbowl party, and I did just that to jazz up some wooden letters to spell "GAMEDAY."

I made a backdrop of footballs (what else) that I purchased from Party City.

I also used the footballs on the mantel, with some green scrunchy paper for "grass." 

Also on the mantel you'll see a bouquet of flowers, also a normal sight at a Superbowl party. I covered the vase with brown tissue paper, made gold laces and put some scrunchy green "grass" at the top.

Mr. Fo did another fabulous chalkboard drawing for the occasion:

Enough of these decorations, let's talk about the real reason for a Superbowl party, the GRUB!

I made a fantastically delicious Buffalo Chicken Dip from Frank's Hot Sauce. This dip was like orange crack. OMG. 

I covered the crockpot in burlap to disguise its crockpot-ness, a la Celebrations at Home.

My friend Hillary just blew my mind by bringing a homemade tomato soup and mini grilled cheese bites for a fondue situation. This tomato soup was some of the best I've ever had, and I'll be back with the recipe. This was SUCH a hit!And she says she doesn't cook...I beg to differ.

I made the meatball sliders I talked about HERE using frozen ciabatta rolls. I highly suggest these.

I also did an Onion Dip off where I paired 2 onion dips against each other and forced my friends to vote. Aren't my parties fun?

Barefoot Contessa's Carmelized Onion Dip won. Make this immediately. Yes you have to caramelize the onions for 40+ minutes, but it's worth it, plus it makes your house smell amazing.

For desserts, the theme was football and chocolates. I love my sister in law Drew, because when she asked me what to bring, I said "Brownies in the shape of footballs." Look how well she follows directions!Again, how FUN are my parties?!

I made football shaped oreo balls on a stick. Think about that for a second.... Yes, I said oreo footballs on a stick. They were a touch down, if you will. To display them, I stuffed Styrofoam in the bottom of vases, covered the outside with brown tissue paper and topped it with grass.

I also got a new tat for the game! 

Don't be silly, it's fake. My parents would kill me. 

So that's it! Glitter letters, chocolate, orange crack, that was my Superbowl bash! It was fabulous. 

If you're struggling with how to use your leftover beer from Super Sunday, check out my latest Tablespoon article for ideas. Or just drink it. 

Now I'm sad because football is over and there's no reason to make football shaped food items. Oh well, there's always next year!  Happy Week to all!


  1. Cute Jackie! I am lovn the GAME Day letters and your food looks so yummy! Can I be invited next year : )


  2. love!!
    i didn't even notice the covering-the-crock-pot with burlap trick on Chris' post, but that is pure genius!
    Such cute desserts!

  3. Looks like a great party! I love the glitter and the football vase! We’ve been looking for a good tomato soup recipe, so I really can’t wait to get the one from your party!

  4. Hi! I came across this blog & post while searching for ways to disguise a ugly crockpot :) I love what you did to yours! Did you sew a bag for the pot to sit in or just wrap it around? I'd love any tips you could send me. I'm in charge of a chili cook off at our church and will have about 15 pots to make cute!


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