Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Miami Beach Wedding!

Beautiful wedding to attend...CHECK!
Gorgeous, sunny weather.... CHECK! 
Fruity (albeit overpriced) drinks...CHECK!
Plethora of Cuban sandwiches and other delicacies....CHECK!
Excellent first time in Miami.... CHECK! Mission Complete!

As you can tell, I had an absolutely stellar time in Miami. We attended a wedding for Mr. Fo's good college friend Canor, and his wife (as of 3 days ago) Carla. They made such a gorgeous couple, I wish I had more up close-up pictures of them to show you, but I was too busy having fun and crying at their sweet ceremony and the beautiful toasts their families gave them. Yup, even wedding planners cry at weddings ;) 

The ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Palms Hotel in Miami Beach, and you couldn't ask for better scenery. Despite a little rain, Canor and Carla took a chance and decided to hold their wedding outside as planned. Love prevailed and the weather held out - it was a perfect evening by the pool, and you could smell the ocean just steps away. (Even just writing this now, I'm sad I'm not there anymore!) 

The ceremony was held in a beautiful gazebo, and take a look at Carla's dress. OMG it was gorgeous. It's hard to tell the details in the picture, but the train was long and made of tulle, and had the perfect embellishments on it. It was stunning!

As I mentioned, the tables were set up by the pool, as was the cocktail hour. The palm trees were the perfect backdrop!

Carla and her florist did an amazing job with the flower arrangements and centerpieces. The shades of pink and white were soft and romantic. I absolutely ADORED the different style white frames that were used around the flowers. I think it's such an unusual and different idea!  

Mr. Fo and I had a blast, as we always do. Side note - 80 degree Miami weather is not good for Jackie's hair; it was in a perma-ponytail/bun situation all weekend.

But really, who cares about your hair when you're drinking lots of these.... 

... on the beach...

 We did spent a good chunk of time on the beach. On Sunday, the families of the bride and groom hosted a super fun, laid back gathering of "Bocaditos and Beverages." I learned that bocaditos is a spanish term for snacks, which I will be using all the time now...how awesome is that word?! I may have to throw my very own Bocaditos and Beverages party one of these days...it was such a fun idea! 

 My favorite bocadito was the heavenly sandwich below which was simply a honey croissant with ham, cheese and a mayo spread. Holy bocadito...Holy moderation - gots to get back to my 5K running training STAT! 

Doesn't that sound like a lovely weekend? It really was...I wish I could bottle up that "wedding feeling" when everyone is happy, there's true love in the air and the booze and music keeps on flowing. Weddings are honestly one of my favorite things about life...seems like I'm in the right business :) 

Back to the real world now! Moderation and all :)


  1. Oh my ... sounds like so much fun!!

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