Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Elmo Birthday Party!

This post is slightly overdue as my niece's birthday party was last weekend, but sometimes life gets in the way...I'm sure you know how it is :)

As I previewed HERE, Brooke is nuts about all things Elmo. He is pretty darn cute, so I can't blame her. Her party was at a little kids gym called "My Gym" where Brooke takes "tumbling" lessons. It's pretty much the most darling thing I've ever seen. It was the perfect place for a kid's birthday party! The kids loved running around and playing on all the gym "equipment." There was even a special surprise guest... You'll have to read on to see who we got to meet!

One of my most important jobs was to pick up the balloons. I wanted to get a lot of balloons to create an ombre effect of the party colors (red, orange and yellow). Let's just say fitting 24 balloons in my car on a super windy day was not a good idea. Let's also say that I did not arrive with 24 balloons either. It was fun when a few of them popped during my drive over, freaking me out and making me think they were gunshots. Ha.

A visual....

There was a little room at the gym where you could serve cake and food. After their workout, the kiddos (and adults) were hungry! My sis-in-law Drew got this cute banner on Etsy HERE cute!

We set the kiddos' table with the Elmo treat bags and used supplies from Office Depot that we personalized with Elmo stickers Drew's husband designed.  

Elmo cupcakes were a CUTE are these?!

Little Elmo was chilling in the ice bucket...

Brooke is a lucky little girl, because her special guest of honor was none other than Elmo himself! She was slightly freaked out by him, but I definitely can't blame her. I be it's super weird to see Elmo on TV and then see a huge version in person.

I feel like Brooke will be mad about this next picture when she grows up, but it's so classic.

Let's look at Brookie when she was happier ...before Elmo came out :) She had a super cute outfit (also from Etsy) that had a tutu but the tutu freaked her out so she wouldn't wear it. I was sad about the lack of tutu, but she looked fabulous as always :)

After all the exercising and the trauma of Elmo, Brooke was pooped :) Happy 2nd Birthday to my favorite little girl! 


  1. I loved seeing this SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love, Nana

  2. Aww, this is super cute! I just got to meet little miss Brooke on Friday. She is precious!!

  3. What an adorable party! We’re looking at going to a similar type place for T’s third birthday. Typically the party rooms are pretty drab-you did a fantastic job sprucing it up for her! Thanks for some great inspiration!

  4. It is colored birthday party. I will just say happy birthday and best wishes to princess.

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