Monday, December 26, 2011

An awesome Christmas and looking forward to NYE 2011!

Ho Ho Ho and hi to all! I am properly stuffed, spoiled and tuckered out - from Christmas, of course. Isn't it crazy how all the hustle and bustle is over in a day... 

Besides the wonderful food and family time, my best Christmas gift HAD to be my brand new Nikon camera from my thoughtful hubby, Mr. Fo. Now I can take blog-worthy and article-worthy soon as I figure out how the heck to use the thing! 

Here's an i-Phone pic of of my camera...isn't it ironic that I can't use my awesome new camera to take a pic of my awesome new camera?

Per my last post, I did a silver/white table for Christmas. No silver pinecones this year, alas, I didn't have the time to spray paint .... shame. But the table turned out great and I was able to take pics of it using my NEW camera! (Did I mention I got a new camera? I might be slightly excited about it. Also, don't judge the photography. I'm sure even Ansel Adams needed a little practice.)

Another great part of the day was hanging out with my niece Brooke. I've mentioned her only about couple thousand times on the blog...She is such a Panthers fan at almost 2 years old - check out her Cam Newton t-shirt! She was wearing an adorable dress, but she had MAJOR Cam fever and demanded to put on her new Christmas gift. Personally, I love how she is straight up chilling with her Elmo slippers and playing with a noisy new toy, Elmo Rocks.  She didn't get any toys at all. (Sense the sarcasm peeps - it was like FAO Shwartz up in here!)

Now that the big day has come and gone, it's time to look forward to New Years Eve! As in recent years, we will be spending the night with family/friends, pretty low key but still fun! (Also known as: We are too old to really go out and party but will still booze it in a semi- responsible manner.)

If you are hosting New Years, don't forget about this awesome clock dessert I made last year from Martha:

Here are some other NYE inspiration pics ....

I know you think I've had too much eggnog and I must be talking crazy...but check out my New Years Eve Tablespoon article and it will all make sense...I promise! 

If anyone has any advice on how to start on a Nikon D300, send it my way! 

I'll be back later this week, so stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful white table and congrats on the new camera...lucky gal. ;)

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