Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Rustic, Elegant and FUN Wedding!

Hello!! Still catching my breath here and wish I could sleep for days! But since I can't (who can, I would like to shake their hand), I will share with you a few pictures from this wedding I coordinated over the weekend. 

First off, a few words about the bride and groom and their amazing families. Scott and Katie are SO stinking sweet and after meeting their families, I can totally see why. Both families are so lovely and nice and funny...it was an absolute blast spending a few days with them. 

I also want to say that although I WISH I could take credit for these fabulous DIY decorations, it was all Katie's brainchild. I handled day-of coordination and made sure everything at the reception went swimmingly. Which I must say, it did! Fun was had by all and now Katie and Scott are off in marital bliss. 
Mission accomplished!

Let's take a look at this rustic and elegant wedding, shall we? For now I only have my little pictures and Instagrams, but I hope to get my hands on the professional photos and share those with you later.

The cake says it all and might be my favorite part. I love the simple icing and the flowers, handmade by the crafty bride herself! And the unique cake stand had special meaning, as the trees stumps were made from fallen trees at the family's mountain home. Plus, they served little milk cartons with straws. 
Cake and milk - fabulous idea!

The rustic tree stump theme was carried out through the reception. Bright and cheery flowers were arranged on burlap runners made by the brides mom!

Colored burlap squares were used outside. I had never seen colored burlap before!


Colorful Izze sodas were served. They were a HIT! They look pretty and taste good, what more could you ask for?

Scott and Katie had several unique touches throughout their reception. Below is a canvas print for the popular thumbprint guestbook idea. Next to it are scraps of paper and jars that say "Honeymoon" and "1st Anniversary," for guests write the couple notes to be read on these days. How fun is that?!

I am saving the best for last. The father of the bride is an engineer and took great precision (and about a million hours) to hang these twinkle lights for his daughter. Using an 18 foot (I think ... ) ladder and a ton of elbow grease, the desired effect was achieved. How beautiful is this! 

Bottom line? 14 hour day? Pretty tiring. Happy bride and family? Priceless. I love seeing it all come together, it's the absolute best part. Have a fabulous week! 

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  1. It looks like the wedding was beautiful! I don’t have any desire to coordinate weddings (hours are too long, and clients can be incredibly demanding!), but I do remember enjoying each and every wedding back in my catering days. (BTW, burlap is fantastic to dye! It absorbs the color really well, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about hemming!)