Friday, September 16, 2011

How to make Soft Pretzels!

Happy Weekend everyone! I'm so pumped to have a weekend "off" with no plans except major magazine reading, attending a Carolina Panthers game, and a fabulously relaxing girls night this evening. We celebrated Mr. Fo's bday last night with a fun dinner, and I will post pictures of that next week. For now I want to show you some beautiful photos of soft pretzels. You heard me right - soft pretzels are beautiful. I've discovered that anything can be beautiful if you have a great photographer. My friend Michael Flanagan took some pictures from me for a Tablespoon Blogging assignment where I was forced to make soft pretzels. I use the word "forced" sarcastically, because what an awesome assignment!

I used Pillsbury breadstick dough for the pretzels, which made them incredibly easy. And delicious. I created a Salty and Sweet dipping station to best showcase my creation.

Learn all about making soft pretzels HERE at my Tablespoon article.
Check out Michael's Flickr photostream HERE to view his talent for yourself. Note that he is available to shoot weddings and events in Charlotte  and surrounding areas.

Without further ado, let's check out some gorgeous pretzel pics!

For more delicious party eats, check out my Tablespoon article on Fried Ravioli.

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. omg, those look delicious!! i love the salty/sweet station! so cute!

  2. totally going to do this for our wedding rehearsal/"game night"! love it!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous! I must admit to cheating and using the frozen soft pretzels from Costco...but this looks like a great way to have soft pretzels without filling up half my freezer. Thanks for sharing!

  4. *photographer may or may not take payment in the form of food

  5. *photographer may or may not take payment in the form of food