Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sweeter Than The Tea

Happy Tuesday all! I have a quick post here to start off your day with a dose of cuteness...

When I was in Asheville recently (you can read about my fabulous trip HERE), I bumped into an adorable little kiosk called "Sweet Tea Clothing Co." The kiosk sells a line of clothing called: Sweeter than the Tea and fabulous mason jar garland lights! Let's take a look:

 I LOVE these mason jar garland lights. You can buy a string of 12 jars for $34.00, or they can make you a custom strand! These would be absolutely perfect for a backyard wedding. I hope I get a chance to use these in the near future! You can buy them HERE.

They also sell a line of clothes for babies and adults with their signature tagline, "Sweeter than the Tea." You can personalize it by state. Between you and me, I am not usually a big fan of "Southern themed" taglines...(i.e. G.R.I.T.S. - Girls Raised in the South...just not cool)... BUT, this "sweet tea" line is just too cute! I can just picture a cute little baby wearing one of these shirts :)

Order some sweetness for yourself or a friend HERE! Have a great day!


  1. so so cute! my dad loooove that area of nc!

  2. Oh man! Those lights are awesome!! I'm a GRIT and I'm not into the paraphernalia either, but the baby line is sweet. Like tea.

  3. The lights are amazing! They would be perfect in my backyard :)