Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guest Post! Truly Chic Inspirations

Thanks to Melissa from Truly Chic Inspirations for filling in as I take a short vacation. Do check out Melissa's blog for wonderful inspiration. The best part? She is a total sweetheart! Take it away Melissa!

    I enjoy finding inspiration in all areas!  Using items that you wouldn't expect as decor, as a centerpiece, or even display stands are just a few things I spend my time searching for.  I came across a few luggage photos and my mind went racing with inspiration.  

    Set up luggage to display items in, set them up as display stands for food trays and desserts, or stack them up for a more simple display (perfect for a going away party or celebrating for those who love to travel).  The possibilities seem endless.  Bright colored luggage and luggage that gives a vintage feeling...LOVE!

 Stay Chic,
Melissa C.

Luggage Decor source-
Outside Luggage source-
Pink Luggage source-
Stunning luggage display source-
Vintage Luggage- source unknown

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Thanks for the inspiration Melissa!


  1. i LOVE vintage lugagge for decor at home or at a party!

  2. Thanks for having me ;)

  3. My friend used stacked vintage valises at her wedding. It was so pretty!

  4. Looove vintage suitcases. I need to pick some up soon!