Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What to do with leftover Easter candy...

Do you have leftover chocolate bunnies that you can't bear to throw out? I keep my collection in my freezer for when I need a chocolate fix...it's pretty dangerous, but that's how I roll. 

So when Mr. Fo requested chocolate chip cookies the other night and I realized that "GASP" we don't have any chocolate chips, I had to come up with Plan B. (Also, what a good wife I am, right? I just whip up homemade cookies at the drop of a hat) 

Plan B consisted of taking my poor little chocolate bunny and hacking him up with a kitchen knife... (apologies for the violent image). Combined with half a bag of leftover white chocolate chips, I created a delectable treat without having to buy anything new. I'm serious, if you keep regular baking supplies in your casa at all times, you will be surprised what you can whip up. I highly suggest the chocolate and white chocolate chip combination. It's delectable.

So put your Easter candy to good use! Come back this week for a GREAT giveaway from Sweet Sanity....if you are throwing a party in the near future, you don't want to miss this!


  1. Love it! Great idea : )


  2. It sounded fantastic with the milk and white chocolate combination...now that last picture has me dreaming of a peanut butter/chocolate/white chocolate combo. Mmmmmmmmmmm. As if I haven't been eating enough sweets already, thanks for the new cravings!

  3. YUM...wish I had some leftovers. :(

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