Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Springtime Brunch

Whoops! I meant to get this post up on bad. Honestly, I've had a bit of a busy week, and I think I am STILL tired from the Royal Festivities. Man, one day of getting up at 4 a.m. and I am wiped for days. I'm really getting old. One quick note about the royal wedding - it was everything I dreamed of and more. Oh, and I wish I was Kate Middleton. Or Pippa. Okay, enough about that. 

This past week was my lovely, fabulous and sweet mother Mickey's birthday. Seriously, I LOVE her! I got so lucky in the mom department. To show my appreciation, I decided to throw a bright and happy Springtime Sunday Brunch at mi casa. Between Easter, her birthday, and mother's day coming up, let's just say Mickey has really enjoyed herself lately. But she deserves it :)

The weather in Charlotte has been beautiful (despite the occasional downpour), so I set a table outside using Pier One's seriously adorable floral plates and napkins. Oh, and did I mention they are paper? I couldn't love Pier One more. I'm telling you, it's a hidden treasure.  In the center, I arranged yellow tulips, Mickey's favorite.


I used a pink ribbon to tie everything together, and I think it looked adorable! Easy and a great use for all that ribbon I have lying around. 

I served peach bellinis instead of my usual mimosas. It was a welcome change. Mickey got a special glass with a pom flower adornment.

Each glass had flower drink stirrers, courtesy of Sugar and Charm. I heart that site.

Once again, I used Ruffled blog's pennant letters. I can't get enough of this pretty letters! They provided a great backdrop to my table. Just use your hole punch and string ribbon through for a pretty bunting.

I used green tissue paper in the back of the table to mock a "green garden" feel. But my absolute favorite part of the whole brunch was the "Tulip Cookie Flower Pots!" Basically, I created a tulip sugar cookie using a tulip shaped cookie cutter, and baked it on a lollipop stick. I dyed the frosting 3 different bright colors. Using a Styrofoam block, I placed the sticks in the Styrofoam block in a pail, and covered the block with green tissue paper to mimic grass. Voila! A tulip plant you can eat :)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my spring time birthday brunch. I think the bright, floral theme would work well for a Mother's Day brunch as well! Later this week I will be posting the recipes I used...let's just say no one went home hungry. YUMM!


  1. This is so cute! love the plates, love the banner, love the cookies. Well done, my dear.

    and you are def my long-lost sister or something because I totally call my mom Mary! LOL

  2. Shut up! Those are paper plates?! (and to think I have a nearly $180 store credit to Pier One!) I love all your touches...they’re so sweet and pretty!

  3. This WOULD be a perfect Mother's Day set up!!!

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