Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pizza party!

Happy Tuesday! I feel like I am just coming up for air....after my big event last Thursday I hopped on a jet plane (sounds cooler than airplane) and headed to Ohio for a good friends wedding. She was a freaking MODEL bride, seriously. But I am a bit behind in my posting, so I will have to get to the beautiful wedding and fundraising event photos later in the week. 

For now, how about a pizza party? You may remember last years Curious George party I threw for my best friend Kalle's son. I can hardly believe it, but little baby Pearce is 2 years old! He's full of life and energy and man does he love to climb on things. He also loves to help in the kitchen, so Kalle wanted to do a "cooking" themed party. Life got in the way, as it usually does, and we had about 2 days to plan for this party, but it still turned out pretty cute. Anytime you get some toddlers trying to make their own pizza and ice their own cupcakes, you are guaranteed a good time. 

At this time, I would also like to give Kalle a public apology...I was convinced the kids (ages range from 1-4ish) would be too young to participate in the pizza making/cupcake decorating. With the help of their parents, the kids were champions and I was proven wrong. (FYI blog readers - you are witnessing history here...I don't like admitting I am wrong.)

Party Pics:

Pizza set-up...

Little Pearcey...or should I say big Pearcey. I got him his very own chef hat...it's a little big, no?

Look at Chef Pearce in action with that rolling pin!

Pizza masterpieces...

I made a pizza for the wall to play: "Pin the Pepperoni on the Pizza." Pearce chose to play in his diaper.

Pizza and cooking decor...super easy to decorate, just use items from your kitchen - no need for flowers when you can make a spatula bouquet!

For dessert, we set up a cupcake station with 4 different color icings and a plethora of toppings. It got a little messy, I'm not going to lie. But it was oh so adorable to watch the kiddos concentrating on making their cupcakes pretty.

Here's the newest addition to Kalle's family, baby Loah. Isn't she precious? She slept through most of the party.

If you want a fairly easy party for your kiddo, I highly suggest a cooking party. It was so cute and not too difficult to pull together. 

If you need some more reading material for your day, check out my latest article on Tablespoon.com. I share a delicious pasta salad recipe perfect for your summer bbq. 

Come back this week for photos of the fundraising event I planned and the beautiful wedding I attended this past weekend.

Have a GREAT day!


  1. great party! im thinking of hosting a DIY pizza party next time!

  2. That is so precious! I would have been just like you; thinking that the kiddos would have been too young, but it looks like the birthday boy was fantastic with that rolling pin! Now I need to get T involved in some baking! (and btw, I went over to see your pasta salad recommendations...LOVE the idea of making a parfait pasta salad...I’ll definitely be doing that at my next party!)

  3. fun! great idea for an easy party. Love the red & white tablecloths-- perfect!

  4. i love your ideas, very nice post

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