Monday, May 16, 2011

Full Disclosure...

Happy Monday! Before I explain what  "full disclosure" I speak of, I just want to remind everyone about the great Giveaway I have going on RIGHT NOW! Blogger was randomly angry last week and deleted a bunch of comments, so if you commented, it might be gone! 

Now, on to full disclosure. When you start a blog, you  basically agree to put yourself out there for (hopefully) a lot of people to see. Perhaps you can inspire some people, show people what you can do and have an online journal for your thoughts and projects.  This post will not inspire you. But it will make you me. I love my readers (and I love myself enough to laugh at myself), so here is full disclosure - cake style. 

In the past year plus that I have had this blog, I have improved my baking skills. I can pipe icing on cupcakes with beautiful swirls, flood cookies with royal icing, and kill some chocolate chip cookies. People have actually paid me for cupcakes and cookies to bring to their events! Apparently, the one thing I can't do? Make a pretty layer cake. Oh...and spell. I apparently can't spell. 

This past weekend we celebrated my good friend Hillary's birthday, and my job was to make a cake. I decided to make a delicious carrot cake. This recipe was given to me by friend Ginger several years ago, and it should be called "Carrot Cake on Crack." It's that good. 

So, I think I'm hot stuff, and decide to whip up a layer cake for the first time. Here's the outcome....the ugliest cake in the world, and keeping with the full disclosure, I am not even going to edit the pictures. 

I make my carrot cake with love and dedication, and decide to pipe on some orange frosting to go with the "carrot" theme. I write the word "Surprise" on the cake, since it was supposed to be a surprise party but got ruined. A little irony, if you will. I know the cake isn't pretty, but whatev. Picture this scene: I bring in my biggest supporter, Mr. Fo.

Me: "It's not that ugly, right Stu? Is it the ugliest cake in the world? Should I destroy it?"

Mr. Fo: " Umm, you spelled Surprise wrong."

Me: "No I didn't you idiot!"
Mr. Fo: "Sooo-Prise?" (Picture this for the rest of the night)

I'm going to defend myself briefly and say that I am typically a good speller, which is what makes this unfortunate. Oh, and the fact that frosting a crumbly layer cake with homemade cream cheese frosting is near impossible. Kudos to all you cake folks. Just when you think the cake can't get any worse, Mr. Fo says: "You should add a "little r" so that people know that YOU KNOW that you spelled it wrong." So, I add a correction, but I had used all the orange icing and all I had was a leftover tube of black in the pantry. So, now it's an ugly, misspelled, Halloween cake. You know, black and orange. Halloween colors.

After getting a few good belly laughs out of the way, my friends and I tried the cake. It may have been ugly, but man it was delicious.Maybe the uglier it is the better it tastes?

Apologies to the following: My parents, who spent god knows how much on my education to have me misspell a simple world and then feature it on my blog and my father-in-law and sister-in-law who pride themselves on their grammatical and spelling skills.

I hope you have a "SURPRISINGLY" good Monday.


  1. Love you and all your skills, Jackie - and the cake was DELICIOUS.

  2. I love everything about this! lol.

  3. omg I LOVE IT... just love! The "r" edit is so fantastic I cant even take it!

  4. you are tooo cute. And seriously, it's still not the worst layer cake I've ever seen!

  5. Who was so freakin delicious!!

  6. too funny!
    I love how you edited.
    And its much better to have it be tasty than be beautiful and gross.

    PS I do ok with cakes, but I am super jealous of your royal icing cookie skills! We all have areas we need to improve. :)

  7. I've seen MUCH uglier, and they all came out of my kitchen. Personally I think yours shows tons of personality and is super charming!

  8. i LOVE this post. it's nice to see that sometimes other people have a hard time too.

    i've been trying out the cake thing, and it's been pretty disasterous. (cakes SEEEEEEM so easy!) i made three birthday cakes for my boyfriend's daughter's bday party this weekend- it was like a trainwreck of badness. fortunately, i got rave reviews on the taste.

    but the last cake i made, for Mother's Day, was a total bomb. it didn't even taste that good. i vlogged the process here:

  9. I wish every Monday would start off with a post as hilarious as this one! Our MU education hard at work which in typing this brings back flashbacks of COM 359 days with Bill... oh geez. :)

  10. LOVE it!! You def made me laugh out loud! I can't spell, and I freak ,yself out everytime I write something on a cake!! It was made with love and looked delish from the cut piece!! toodles

  11. The cake was BEYOND delicious...and so appreciated by me =) Love the cake, love the mispell, love you!

  12. Great cake.You blog is so nice :D. If you want, you follow me. I'll follow you too ^^
    Alla moda e con stile

  13. Love it! I can't tell you how often I misspell things...not because I don't know how to spell, but because I'm trying to hurry. So we'll just say you were in a rush to get things done, right? Anyway, it sounds like it was incredibly tasty...which is the most important part anyway!

  14. I love this... so glad to see that you are as imperfect as I am! ;-) It is nice to see some of the ups and downs of a great blogger's life. Oh, and the cake looks delish!

  15. This... is... hilarious!! I can't believe you actually made a layer cake with that stuff. It's basically oil and carrots. No way did I ever think it would survive outside a pan!

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