Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Party Ideas!!

If you aren't into the Royal Wedding (which would be ridiculous), I would skip this post. I for one, am super excited for several reasons. Want to know why?

1) It's a wedding, and weddings are awesome
2) Someone is going to become a real-life princess. If I wasn't so jealous, I would almost be happy.
3) It's kind of a big deal, in case you hadn't noticed. I appreciate most things with this much buildup. Except for that new show "The Voice." If I see one more promotional commercial for that show I might become a non-TV watcher. Ha! As if.
4) I'm half British...Okay, those of you that know me and/or follow this blog know that I am so not British. But I do pull off a mean British accent. And by "mean", I mean terrible, and slightly Australian sounding. 

Whatever your reasons are for enjoying all this royal fanfare, I suggest getting up early with your girlfriends, putting on a pot of tea, and enjoying yourself. These events don't come around that often. Let's check out some Royal Wedding Party ideas, shall we?

Bloody Good Recipes

I am making these scones from Tyler Florence, although I can't decide between lemon glaze or orange glaze. I need to stop worrying about the glaze, and start worrying about how NOT to make the scones taste like a hockey puck. I can whip up a cupcake, but I have always heard scones are notoriously difficult to make. Please pass on any scone advice!

Bread pudding is a popular treat in Britain. Try this AMAZING looking chocolate bread pudding from for your royal party. This looks like you could just apply it directly to your arse, because that's where it's going to end up.

From Betty Crocker, how about this adorable fruit "pizza" with the flag of Union Jack! 

Be prepared for extreme cuteness with this next one. Also from Betty Crocker, an ENGAGEMENT RING MINI CUPCAKE! Stop the presses and tell me this isn't the MOST adorable thing you have ever seen?! If you serve this at your party, you will be the talk of the town.

I for one, plan to stretch out the royal wedding, beginning tomorrow night. On the menu? Fish and Chips, courtesy of this recipe from Eating Well. We are really into tots lately (that would be tater tots), so we may do Fish N' Tots. 

What about Tea and Crumpets? Well, honestly, I don't even know what a "crumpet" is. I asked Mr. Fo and he said, "Isn't it some sort of triangle shaped thing?" ...To which I replied, "Absolutely not." I thought it was a pastry of some sort. To the Google Machine we go (how did people settle arguments pre-Google?) . Below I show you...the crumpet.

Looks a lot like an English muffin to me, what with all those nooks and crannies. So that must be where we get the name "English" Muffin from? Honestly, all this research is exhausting me. I am happy because a) crumpets are in no way triangular, so I got to prove Mr. Fo wrong, and b) it's basically just some bread with butter, which is a delicious treat in any country.

Royal Decor

There are free royal wedding printables everywhere!! Here are a few of my faves!

From the TomKat Studios... 

Super creative printables from Design Editor...I  may just use these Union Jack Wraps for my coffee (er...tea) cup on Friday morning!

All of this stuff is SO cute! I simply can't wait. Are you curious as to how I am celebrating this joyous occasion? Well, I am lucky to be celebrating with one of my best friends Hillary. We are planning to get up at the crack of dawn, put on fabulous hats and pearls, and watch the wedding from my couch with beverages and British breakfast treats. We have been planning this for quite awhile, so I know it will be a jolly good time. In fact, we are so excited that we have been speaking in a British accent (via phone and text message) for the entire week in celebration. Will and Kate would be proud. We are watching the Today Show coverage, as of course I can't think of enjoying this moment without Matt and Meredith. (Btw - Meredith, if you are leaving, I'll be your replacement! But I just want all the fun cooking segments, okay? No serious stuff.)

For more fabulous royal wedding ideas, check out my Royal Viewing Party article on the always informative and fun site,

How are YOU celebrating the Royal Wedding? 


  1. great post! it makes me wish i was hosting a party for the big event.

    btw- a crumpet is very similar to an english muffin, only they're thicker and more bready.

  2. I have been on a tater tot kick for the past 2 years. I had to stop it though. No tots for me anymore. Boo. But they are healthier than French Fries. That's how I have been justifying eating a half a bag for dinner.

    I need some South Beach Diet friendly Royal Wedding foods. Any ideas? Probably just tea & tea.

  3. You are too funny girl. I can't believe you and your friend are having a party at the ass crack of dawn. I wouldn't get up at 5:30 for my own wedding, but I appreciate your dedication! Also, bread pudding is super simple to make, and it will be applied straight to your arse(HA!), but it'll be worth it!

  4. I believe Mr. Fo was thinking of a scone, those are British AND triangular! You can get crumpets at the Trader Joe's near Stonecrest and yes, they are kind of like english muffins, only more cakey.

  5. You had me at bread pudding! Seriously...yum! Great recipes! (and tell Mr. Fo he was thinking of scones!)

  6. The appetizers were plentiful and the drinks flowed - no one went hungry or wanting from here, and the hourly charge for liquor (as opposed to by consumption) meant that our thirsty friends were satisfied without breaking our bank.

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