Monday, March 7, 2011

Pier 1 - Have you been there lately??

Seriously...have you?

I haven't been to a Pier 1 in years, but when I stumbled into one a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised. Pier 1 currently  has:

Adorable Jewlery at a ridiculously reasonable price:

Cute kitchen gadgets:

Floral measuring cups
Chalkboard Jars:

Ladybug measuring spoons:

Finally, my favorite discovery that is pure perfection for home entertainers:

This collection has sets of every tiny serving piece you could imagine. Tiny parfait glasses, tiny shot glosses, tiny spoons - you name it! Host any type of tasting party, appetizer party, or simple girls night's tapas party with this collection! Everything is mini and I can't even stand it! SO fab.

If you have NOT been to Pier 1 lately, I suggest you schedule a few hours to peruse the store and/or website. Seriously - there are so many treats at this gem of a store! NOTE: All photos are from the Pier 1 website.

I have a crazy busy week of meetings, website editing, and a bridal shower this weekend - but stay tuned because I will be debuting my new website ANY DAY now!


  1. i want those chalkboard jars! thanks for the heads up!

  2. I had no idea Pier One sold jewelery! I am in love with those adorable measuring cups too. I haven't been in the store for years, but that will change very soon!

  3. there's one right by me and I haven't been in forever! love those little tasters!

  4. I have a huge store credit and I keep looking at those miniatures too! But then I remember that I'd have to find a place to store them!

  5. ohhhh love those chalkboard jars!

  6. I have not been there lately. I want everything you posted! I will have to stop by. Miss you Jax!

  7. I need to make a trip there once I have some money!! :]