Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Before I preach on here, let me just say I really do like Pottery Barn. I like walking through the store and wishing their tablescapes were my tablescapes. Their catalog is excellent night time reading. I give their whole style an A+. But their pricing? It can be ridonkulous. Hence where I got my post inspiration. 

I pulled a Pottery Barn catalog from the overflowing periodical stack on my nightstand. (Sorry Mr. Fo, you married me AND all my periodicals.) As I flipped through the pages, letting the warm Pottery Barn images soothe me to sleep, I am jolted awake by THIS:

Individual Moss Letters for a whopping price of $79 EACH!

Oh Pottery Barn...I laugh in the face of your over-charging....mua-ha-ha-ha..

These moss letters have been used as DIY monogram items at weddings for years now, and I have always loved the look of them. I have also loved the DIY PRICING of these letters. Let's take a moss tour through blogland and compare some pricing, shall we?

Here's a lovely DIY project by Elizabeth Anne Designs. Total cost? Under $10.00

Another DIY version by Project Wedding. Total Cost? $14

Or buy your own pre-made from this Etsy shop....for a total of $30!! Wouldn't you love to have those letters in your kitchen?

While I'm at it, and because it is about to be wedding season in a few months, here are some other gorgeous things you can do with moss. 

Moss balls lining the aisle

Moss to hold your escort cards...

Moss used in centerpieces around the table numbers...

Moss used with candles

Tell me you are not in love with moss right now? However you use it, save a few bucks and DIY! Pottery Barn is great, but moss letters for $79 each? That's just silly.


  1. im obsessed with them!

  2. LOVE moss and have a moss monogram hanging in my entryway as I type that I made for under $10. Agreed...$79 for moss letters is silly : )


  3. This is hilarious! And so true...I feel the same way about their store, I want that to be my dining room table sooooo badly! $79 is crazy though!

  4. I love moss too. At our wedding, we had a "B" and an "N" covered in moss on the front doors to Charlotte Country Club. I have a picture somewhere but no idea where.