Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fabulousness Around the Web 2011

March 1 - can you believe it?!  I feel like it was just Christmas... but alas, spring is around the corner. And yes, I just used the word "alas." 

2011 has brought lots of fabulousness around the web so far - let's check it out!

Bringing someone flowers? Wrap a bunch in craft paper and personalize it for an extra touch! Seen here on At Home with Kim Vallee.

Who doesn't love a delicious strawberry pop tart? I wasn't allowed to eat them at home when I was a kid, so you bet I ate my weight in them in college. Don't even try to give me a pop tart sans frosting. (Not that I eat them anymore....) So how about a pop tart on a stick? It seems like you can put anything on a stick these days...and I approve said stick movement. These pop tart pops shown here on Half Baked? Almost too cute to eat...

I ADORE these DIY Paper Pomander balls shown here on Pizzazerie. These are a perfect way to achieve flower pomander balls without spending gobs of money on real flowers. You also make tissue paper flower balls to achieve the same look!

Remember those "dirt cakes" with crushed up oreos, ice cream and gummy worms? Serve them up in adorable planters for your next party like Save the Date for Cupcakes did! So adorable and creative and PERFECT to welcome in the spring months!

Here is another great cake from Half Baked created by Miso Bakes. I love the navy and blue color combination, but I especially love the decor on the cake table. The lemons and flowers are such a great touch! It's seriously a PERFECT cake for a summer wedding!

I heart rosette flowers....on sweaters, tshirts, Carrie Bradshaw style, whatever. So when I saw these over sized rosettes used as chair decor, I was smitten!

How about some fabulous BREAD to ring in the month of March? When I saw this lovely photo from one of my absolute favorite blogs, Eat Drink Pretty, I knew I would be making this bread STAT! It's only 4 ingredients, makes several loaves and has a delectably crusty crust. Please make this bread! (Some advice...I halved the salt for this recipe...my first batch was too salty with the amount recommended. Also - check out THIS instructional video, it's super helpful and shows how easy this recipe really is!)

Everybody loves fondue, right? How about CUPCAKE fondue?! Seriously, stop it, I have cuteness (and sugar) overload. How perfect would these little mini cupcakes and frosting fondue be for a party? This sweetly ingenious idea comes from Bake it Pretty (the site is currently down for maintenance, but be sure to check back - it rocks!). You can read more about this idea on The Sweetest Occasion's post. 

And finally, for a recipe I was too SCARED to make. Not because it looks hard, but because it looks so amazing I am afraid I will eat the entire batch. Check out these delicious looking peanut butter and chocolate chip treats With Style and Grace whipped up. A Reeses cup inside a chocolate chip cookie? UMMMM yes please. Now do you understand my fear?!

Finally, something else fabulous happening in 2011?! A new website and blog for Jackie Fo! I plan to debut my new site and blog within a week or so... so bear with me as I make this transition. I will be sure to give you all the information you need to come along with me to my new corner of the Internet. 

Have a fabulous week and Happy March! 


  1. Oh you did find some fabulousness...great finds!


  2. Oh man, those Pop-Tarts on a stick are genius! What a fun idea for a kids party.

  3. Oh my. There are too many wonderful ideas here. I'm definitely all over the pop-tarts on a stick idea. Tasty and cute! But the peanut butter cookies? H-E-A-V-E-N. I've been so good lately, but now I really want to make those!

  4. I have a pretty serious pop tart addiction so I will definitely be checking out the homemade one's on a stick. Too cute! Thanks for also sharing the last cookie recipe. They look delicious and dangerous at the same time :)

  5. eek! can't wait to see the new website!