Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Table - Dollar Store style!

Here's the thing about me, among other things: I'm a thrifty gal. I shop at Marshall's, have been known to use coupons and HATE paying full price. I am of the mindset that it is totally possible to have a fabulous wardrobe, a cute house and throw a fantastic party on a budget. In fact, I think of it as a challenge ...when I find a good deal, I get giddy!

So last time I was at the Dollar Store scoring some sweet party goods for my latest bash, I noticed the Valentine's Day section. In a flash of pure genius, I decided to do a Valentine's Day table using only items from the Dollar Store. It was the Dollar Tree to be exact. Oh, and did I mention it cost me only $25? So if you are tight on money this Valentine's Day, hit up your local Dollar Tree to create a beautiful table for your sweetheart.

(Thanks to my friend Michael Flanagan for taking all the pictures.)

Here's the thing....I bought items without knowing exactly what I was going to use them for. Sometimes you just have to play around with them when you get home and lay everything out. 

First stop at the Dollar Store? Crepe paper streamers. They are not just for a backyard birthday party anymore - my party blog peeps have been using these for all types of gorgeous backdrops and tablescapes. I decided to use a basket weave pattern for my table using pink and red streamers instead of a tablecloth. Cost for streamers? $2. It looks very festive and fun!

My next purchase? Doilies. The Dollar Tree had quite an assortment of Valentine's Day doilies...pink, red, white, heart shaped, circles, every doily you can imagine. A plethora of doilies, if you will. I used them all over my tablescape.

I layered up doilies for my place settings.

I used the pink hearts as  "coasters" for my wine glasses.

I wrapped mason jars in the white doily and put a candle votive inside. The candlelight showed through the white and created a pretty glow.

I also used doilies folded in half to create a garland for the backdrop. I love this look! I saw variations of doily garland on several different blogs and decided to give it a try. Just google "Doily garland" and you will see tons of of ideas!


I managed to do a little crafting, but nothing strenuous. I made a tissue paper flower for the center and covered the vase with pink streamers.

I cut out hearts from a heart adorned gift bag to hang from streamers on the back of the chairs.

Other decor aspects...

I found these adorable boxes at the Dollar Store and set them on each place setting - how cute are these?

What's inside of these cute boxes? Home made Valentine cookies made by moi, of course.

(Note, the below picture is mine, not Flanagan's...if you couldn't tell by its average quality :) )

A few more detail shots:

And finally, a few full length views of the table:

Full disclosure - The candlesticks were a wedding gift and I highly doubt they cost a dollar as they came in a Tiffany's box (which I saved btw...the box is so beautiful I couldn't part with it). The wine glasses, napkins, mason jars and plates were also things I already had. Everything else was a Dollar Store gem.

Lesson for all you hates out there- don't knock the Dollar Store. It may not have the fancy floors or a Starbucks inside, but there are some good deals to be found if you use your creativity. I plan on keeping this up for my Valentine's Day dinner with Mr. Fo....guess I should figure out what I am cooking!


  1. Looks good Jackie!! Love a bargain!

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