Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Numba 2

I spent another cozy day at home today...this time there was no more snow - just ice! 
Here are a few scenes from yesterday's snow day!

Mr. Fo. and I took a walk...Here he is braving the cold...he kept asking me if he would get "frostbite or hypothermia." Somehow, we made it through.

We walked to Dean & Deluca...which was open! Nothing says snow day like gourmet food and cheeses.

 After our walk, we made a very fashionable, accessorized snow lady. Check her out! 
She's got a bracelet, necklace, earrings, sunglasses and a hat. A girl after my own heart.

She is seriously too cool for school....

And of course, I did some more crafting for my upcoming event.

Back to the real world tomorrow...after a 2 hour snow delay! 


  1. We have a blizzard coming our way tomorrow~ you won't see me walking in it though;)

  2. My son was off school for snow today...it was a long day LOL

    Jealous you got to craft, cute! Can't wait to see what it's for!!


  3. What is your event?! dying to know!
    Love your snow girl!

  4. This weather is bonkers!