Tuesday, January 25, 2011

...Party like it's 1981!

Slap bracelets....The Breakfast Club...neon...Madonna - these are all wonderful things that the 80s brought us. Oh, and me of course.. :)

So when my good friend  Michel Flanagan wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday - he chose the 80s for his birthday bash theme, and asked me to help bring the 80s back for a night. I present you:

To achieve a fun 80s theme AND focus on the birthday boy, I used bright neon colors and Flanagan's hilarious pictures from his 80s childhood. 

I spray painted wooden letters using florescent spray paint and strung a garland of photos on the mantel.

Bright neon tissue paper stuffed into glass containers held more funny pictures.

Neon streamer decorated the doorways.

Nostalgic 80s snacks were put into neon colored bowls. How much did you LOVE handi snacks?! Note: Clearly they had no "fresh food" movement in the 80s as most of these items involved a processed cheese of some sort! (Which I will admit, I sometimes find delicious.)

I bought crazy straws and glow sticks for the party.

... and 80s style shades...purchased on the super super cheap from Oriental Trading!

And check this out ... I found mini rubiks cubes from Party City!

I created a makeshift photo booth complete with 80s props. I bought a piece of black fabric and created a glittery "1981" sign. For the "camera," Flanagan set up a computer with a Photobooth app to take pictures. It worked really well!

For props, I used wigs, guitars, crazy hats and glasses, and tons more. My favorite props? Flanagan's face on a stick! The party guests had a blast with this!

For dessert? Well obviously I made cupcakes in the shape of a huge Pacman!

Surrounding the Pacman were more 80s photos of Flanagan, in frames I spray painted with fluorescent colors.

And let's talk about the costumes. People really brought the 80s back...starting with Flanagan who came as....


Ferris Bueller and Sloane were there...

 2 valley girls made it (me on the right and my friend Hillary on the left)... 

Indiana Jones stopped by... 

...and so did the popular game of Tetris...

Finally, my favorite picture of the night. Somebody ordered Dominoes, and when Flanagan went to get the door, the pizza guy said "Hey... Gorbachev!" 

This was SO fun to plan and to attend....80s forever. Happy Birthday Flanagan!


  1. hahahah this is fun...this is my era too :))

  2. Oh my goodness! I love the packman cupcakes and the addition of the cheese whiz LOL you thought of everything! Looks like you thought of everything...love all of the costumes!


  3. OMG totally up my alley, love the 80's! Fun party:-)

  4. I love that you had Sloane at the party! My husband says thats where we got our Sloan's name but I say its from Entourage.

    I feel dumb that the pizza guy knew Gorbachev and I didn't :(

  5. Love it! I love that you used his face in the photo booth! I must do that next time!!

  6. So cute Jackie! Love the Pacman cupcakes!

  7. I TOTALLY love a great 80's party!!!

  8. Oh wow, this looks like SO much fun! Aw I miss snap bracelets x

  9. I love this! It looks like so much fun! I love Handi-snacks so much as a kid... it cracked me up to see them at the party!!

  10. Very Creative. This makes me feel old now :-)