Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Blogeversery to ME!

This time last year, I took a chance. I put myself out there for ALL to see and judge. And I began a fantastic journey! What's all this about?

It's my 1 year Blogeversary! My first blog was about "gravy." Check it out HERE! Ugh - I cringe looking at the pictures ... NOT GOOD JACKIE! (Not that all my pictures now are fantastic, but I do the best I can!) 

This year of blogging has been so much fun! Here are some of my favorite things about blogging:

1) "Meeting" absolutely amazing and sweet people from all around the country
2) Writing
3) Being inspired by the amazing projects, parties and ideas out there on other blogs
4) Having a place to store all my ideas, parties and random thoughts! 
5) Inspiring other people! 
 6) Support and advice from other bloggers
7) The never-ending possibilities! 

and so many more...

and now, because I am realistic person, some things I don't love about blogging:

1) Editing, spell checking, etc. I just want to get it written and be DONE! Thanks for those people (I'm talking to my father-in-law) who let me know when I have made a glaring grammatical error. Seriously, thanks.
2) Mr. Fo is very supportive of everything I do. But he does call the computer my "best friend," and sometimes asks if we can hang out without our 3rd roommate around. Hee.
3) Feeling guilty if I don't have time to blog or haven't been able to check out my favorite bloggers! 

As you can tell, the positives tremendously outweigh the negatives! This has been an absolutely wonderful, fun and eye-opening experience that I truly adore. Thanks to everyone who tunes in, leaves comments and supports me! 

Well, my blog and I are off to have a romantic date to celebrate our anniversary.

Cheers to many more happy years in blogland!


  1. Aww~ Happy Blogeversary! I love reading your blog♥

  2. congrats! happy 1st blog-versary!

  3. happy 1st blog-versary!!! I enjoy following you (and you can join my misspelling club ;o) Here's to another great year!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  4. and i'm reminded that i was your first blog comment ever. happy 1 year of commenting to me. ;) (could this comment be any more "me me me". yikes.)

  5. happy anniversary......when are you going to do something on eggplant parmigiana?

  6. Happy Blogeversery! I can definitely relate to your pros and cons of blogging. My husband also feels like he competes with my computer and boy do I feel awful when my Google Reader is full and I have no time to read my favorite blogs. Congrats :)

  7. Yay for you!!! My husband acts the same way about me and my laptop. I'm sitting right next to him, what's the dealo?!

    Hope you had a most fabulous date with your blog :)


  8. Happy Blog Anniversary Jackie. I dislike the same things you do about blogging but the benefits from being a blogger make up for most of them :)

    All the best for a fantastic year of blogging throughout 2011.

  9. happy blog anniversary, i love your positivity and so glad i stopped by on your happy day!

  10. Proud of you, Sister! Still a devoted reader, and looking forward to another year. :)

  11. AnonymousJune 12, 2011