Thursday, January 20, 2011

Anthropologie styled bridal luncheon

 This Anthropologie-like bridal shower I styled last week was so much fun! There is tons of great inspiration out there for vintage flowers and decor. I was really pleased with how it turned out!

In order to designate who the Bride was (as if anyone would NOT know!) I found these gorgeous, pre-made pennant letters from the Ruffled blog. Seriously, bookmark this link for your next party, it's so easy! Print out the pre-made bunting letter to spell the word you want, and cut it out!

Next up flowers, real and faux! Faux as in tissue paper, not silk...don't worry :) Real flowers first:

I wanted do an eclectic mix of vases and flowers, so here was my collection:

 Colored glasses - World Market
 Green birdies - Old Time Pottery
 Blue Glass pedestals - Old Time Pottery
Mini Off White Urns - Old Time Pottery
 Clear glass with dots - Ikea

(I have to tell you, my vase collection is out of control. I need a storage unit for my glassware....for serious.)

For flowers, I used a mix of pink/white carnations, white "football mums," yellow Billy Balls and gorgeous pink peonies.  I clustered arrangements in the center of the tables for a pretty centerpiece!


For the "faux" flowers, I went mini-pom crazy! Poms are tissue paper flowers first made famous by Martha Stewart ... I think, at least that's where I first saw it! I put a different colored pom on each place setting:

I created garland with a vintage vibe by using string and scrapbook paper. One of the best buys for a DIY event is a book of pretty scrapbook paper. It's $14 bucks or so, and you get so much use out of it! My friend Hillary came over one day and we drank one and created garland. It was a good time - thanks Hill!

I did 6 different strands. 3 between 2 columns in the entrance to the dining room, and three on the mirror on the back of the wall. I was definitely up on a ladder to get those suckers to stay on, and it turns out - I'm afraid of being on a ladder! Who knew. Another thing I learned? Very hard to take pictures of garland!

Let's take a view of the whole table now...there were actually 2 tables, so here they are!

A champagne toast to the bride. Again, I used scrapbook paper to make pretty tags for the flutes!

I loved the favors! They were small white boxes that had each guest's name on them and doubled as place cards. Inside the boxes? Chocolates, but personalized to the couple! An I heart NYC chocolate to pay homage to the couple's home, a ladybug chocolate because ladybugs are a childhood nickname of the Bride, and chocolate kisses with crowns and Queen City stickers on them. (Charlotte (the bride's hometown) is known as the Queen City.) 

There's that scrapbook paper again - that's 3 uses in one party if you're counting :)

A close up of the personalized chocolates:

And finally, the all important topic of food. For a bridal luncheon, it needs to be light and girly ... to put it plainly. I used Dean and Deluca catering, who always does a beautiful job. On the menu?

Chicken Cobb Salad (set up as a station so people could make their own)
Currant Tomato and Gruyere Cheese Tartlets (amazing)
Green Goddess Sushi Roll (Basically fresh veggie sushi)

Can you get more girly than that - the word tartlet just screams girly!

Now I am off to catch up on all my favorite blogs... I haven't had time to look at any this week! I'll be in cyberspace visiting my "friends" if you need me :)


  1. So pretty!! Love those poms, especially the blue one :)

  2. Good job, so beautiful:-) Love all the flower decor and poms!!!

  3. gorgeous! your flowers are beautiful.
    I agree - it is hard to capture garland in a photo.

  4. So pretty Jackie! Love all the little details!

  5. You go girl! Looks fabulous! What a great job on the details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Love it! All the details looks great, and I adore this theme!

  7. Everything looks beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous!! I have books and books of scrapbook paper for this very purpose (I also use it to make homemade cards). How did you string up the garland? Did you just punch tiny holes in each side of the circle. They look darling. Great job, Fo Sho!

  9. Jenn - I strung the garland by basically super gluing each side to the string! It was time consuming but they didn't fall off...well, one may have fallen off :)

  10. Gorgeous shower and I love the theme! I love all of the personal touches: the vases, flowers, and especially the chocolates. You are so talented :)

  11. Lovely, Jackie! Where did you pick up those gorgeous flowers? I've had a hard time sourcing quality stems in Charlotte.

  12. Hey - I have an account at Mayesh, the wholesale florist in South End...they have by far the best and CHEAPEST collection. Plus, you can order specialty flowers in advance or just go on and shop the cooler!

  13. oh my gosh!!! thank you for this inspiration. i have to host a bridal party this year and i have totally bookmarked this for future reference. beatiful!! =)